Zoning & Compliance Teams

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Zoning & Compliance staff are responsible for interpretation and enforcement of the Planning Code (view the complete Planning Code).

Compliance (Code Enforcement) staff enforce codes and ordinances relating to land use and zoning, rental housing violations, noise, and more. All code violation complaints received are assigned to an Enforcement Planner on a geographic basis according to the Neighborhood Planning Quadrants Map. If you think you know of a potential code violation, you may report it on the Code Enforcement page.

The primary goal of General Advertising Sign Program is to build and maintain an inventory of general advertising signs in the city in order to correct outstanding violations, and to remove all illegal signs.

Zoning & Compliance Director's Office
Scott Sanchez
Zoning Administrator
(415) 558-6350 scott.sanchez@sfgov.org
Corey Teague 
Assistant Zoning Administrator
(415) 575-9081 corey.teague@sfgov.org
Eva Atijera-Taylor
Executive Assistant to the Zoning Administrator
(415) 575-6809 evamarie.atijera@sfgov.org


Code Compliance Team
Filing a Code Compliance Complaint?
Use the Code Enforcement Message Line
(415) 575-6863
Christine Haw
Enforcement Manager
(415) 558-6618 christine.haw@sfgov.org
Chaska Berger
Southwest Quadrant
(415) 575-9187 chaska.berger@sfgov.org
Audrey Butkus (415) 575-9129 audrey.butkus@sfgov.org
Matthew Dito (415) 575-9164 matthew.dito@sfgov.org
Agnes Lau
Support Staff
(415) 558-6298 agnes.lau@sfgov.org
Laura Lynch (415) 575-9045 laura.lynch@sfgov.org
Dario Jones
Southeast Quadrant
(415) 558-6477 dario.jones@sfgov.org
Jonathan Purvis
Northeast Quadrant
(415) 558-6354 jonathan.purvis@sfgov.org
Adrian Putra (415) 575-9079 adrian.putra@sfgov.org
Northwest Quadrant
(415) 575-6806 rachna.rachna@sfgov.org


General Advertising Sign Program Team
Jonathan Purvis (415) 558-6354 jonathan.purvis@sfgov.org