Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines for Environmental Review - Update

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The Environmental Planning division within the Planning Department reviews projects for potential impacts on the environment, a process known as environmental review. The Planning Department conducts environmental review pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). As part of environmental review, the Planning Department reviews background technical studies, such as transportation impact studies, to assess a project's effects on the physical environment.

These background technical studies support the conclusions of the environmental impact evaluation and guide decision-makers during project approval.  To assist in the preparation of transportation impact studies, the Planning Department provides to consultants and city staff a guidance document, the Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines. The Planning Department periodically updates the guidelines, with the last update in 2002.

Since that time, the Planning Department has instituted various updates to the conditions, data, and methodology within the guidelines. Records of these updates exist in various materials. One substantial example of updates that occurred was a March 2016 Planning Commission resolution that removed automobile delay from CEQA and added vehicle miles traveled as a transportation criterion (known as "Align").

The Planning Department is in the midst of updating the guidelines comprehensively. The purpose of the update is to achieve high quality deliverables, meaningful analysis, efficient reviews, and better project outcomes through clear standards, methodology, and criteria; understandable, transparent, and predictable process; updated mitigation measures, designs, outcomes, and policies; user-friendly figures; and illustrative examples of project analysis.

For this effort, substantial data collection and analysis is currently underway, primarily at newer development sites. This data collection will result in the creation of refined estimates of how many trips people in newer developments take, the ways they travel, and their common destinations.


Name of Document Date Published
Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines (still applicable, except for the topics below) 10/01/2002
Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines Updates 2017-2018
Kick-Off Meeting and Survey Summary
Summary of Changes Memo
Update Process and Style Guide Memo
Update Process and Style Guide Memo Appendix
Coming Soon
Walking/Accessibility Memo
Walking/Accessibility Memo Appendices
Align – removal of automobile delay and addition of vehicle miles traveled 03/03/2016
Significance Criteria  
Updates Memo
Clarity Memo
Memo to Planning Commission – CEQA: Vehicle Miles Traveled, Parking, For-Hire Vehicles, and Alternatives 02/23/2017

Planning Commission Informational Presentation



The Planning Department is responsible for updating the guidelines, but input will be required from various other city agencies and consultants.

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