Permit Forms, Applications and Fees

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Administrative Certificate of Appropriateness
Companion Document: Qualifying Minor Scopes of Work (10/05/16)
rev 09/01/17
Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Legalization New and Unauthorized – see Permit Intake ADU Legalization    
Affordable Housing Streamlined Approval (SB-35)   01/02/2018
Anti-Discriminatory Housing Policy - Supplemental Information Packet   02/02/2017
Alterations to Commercial Storefront for Accessibility (ADA) - Checklist   06/14/2017
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Better Streets Plan Checklist | Street Designation Map   09/20/2014
Block Book Notification Request Form   04/04/2011
Board of Supervisor Appeals of Environmental Determinations and Conditional Use Authorizations Form (BOS Waiver Request)   10/19/2017
Business Portal (SF's online business resource)   Nov 2014
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Calculators (ie Fees) - see Fee Calculators (below)    
Certificate of Appropriateness (C of A) Application   04/01/2018
Certificate of Appropriateness - Administrative
Companion Document: Qualifying Minor Scopes of Work (10/05/16)
rev 09/01/17
Coastal Zone Permit in the Coastal Zone Area   04/01/2018
Commercial Storefront for Accessibility
see: Alterations to Commercial Storefront for Accessibility (ADA) - Checklist
Community Business Priority Processing Program (CB3P) - Eligibility Checklist
formerly Small Business Priority Processing Pilot Program (SB4P) Checklist for Eligibility
Conditional Use Authorization   04/01/2018
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Development Impact Fees   04/01/2011
Discretionary Review (DR) Application  


Discretionary Review (DR) Fee and Waiver Request Form   04/25/2011
Discretionary Review (DR) Indigent Fee Waiver Form   05/22/2017
Discretionary Review (DR) Response   01/06/2011
Downtown Project Authorization (309)   04/01/2018
Downtown Residential Project Authorization (309.1)   04/01/2018
Dwelling Unit Removal (demolition, merger or conversion)   10/26/2017
Dwelling Unit Removal: Current Numerical Values - Implementation of the Controls on the Loss of Residential Units   11/17/2015
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Environmental Evaluation Application   12/10/2016
Executive Park Design Guidelines   05/2011
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Fee Schedule for Applications   08/31/2017
Fee Calculator for Applications   08/31/2017
Fee Calculator for Building Permits
(for Change in Use or Alteration of an Existing Building)
Fee Schedule for Impact Development   01/01/2015
First Source Hiring Program Form   07/18/2014
Formula Retail Affidavit (updated July 2016)   07/06/2016
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Gasoline Service Station Conversion   04/01/2018
General Advertising Sign Inventory Update Application   05/02/2011
General Advertising Sign Request for Reconsideration Application   02/08/2011
General Advertising Sign Request for Relocation   07/29/2011
General Plan Referral   04/20/2018
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Health Care Services Master Plan   03/2014
Historic Resources - Supplemental Information Form   09/10/2012


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See Impact Fees webpage    
Inclusionary Housing Program Process    
Inclusionary Housing Program Manual    
Inclusionary Housing Program Fee    
Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program:  Affidavit for Compliance   10/18/2017

Individually Requested State Density Bonus Program

In-Kind Agreement Application   08/18/2011
Institutional Master Plan Application   10/26/2017
Intake Request Form   07/19/2017
Interdepartmental Project Review Meeting Application (see Project Review Meeting Application - Interdepartmental)
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Jobs Housing Linkage Program    
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Landmark Designation Application   03/16/2015
Large Tourist Hotel Conversion Application   01/25/2011
Large Project Authorization in Eastern Neighborhoods Application   04/01/2018
Legislative Amendment Application   04/01/2018
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Major Permit to Alter Application   04/01/2018
Massage Affidavit   11/15/2011
Medical Cannabis Dispensary Application - update coming from the Office of Cannabis soon.   04/13/2018
Mills Act Historical Property Contract Application   3/08/2014
Minor Permit to Alter Application   10/18/2012
rev 09/01/17
Minor Permit to Alter Application Qualifying Scopes of Work   10/05/2016
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Neighborhood Notification Packet   04/01/2018
Neighborhood Notification - Pre-Application Meeting Packet   02/22/2017
Neighborhood Notification - Pre-Application Meeting Packet (Department Facilitated)   03/21/2018
Notification of Declaration of Posting Affidavit – 311/312 ONLY   01/31/2018
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Office Allocation Application   08/07/2012
One Hundred Percent Affordable Housing Bonus Program   10/10/2017
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Parallel Processing Program Affidavit   12/21/2017
Parking Reduction Application   05/23/2011
Permit Application Intake Checklist
Required: Building Permit Application Supplemental Form
Permit Intake – Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Legalization, New and Unauthorized   08/07/2017
Plan Submittal Guidelines   04/02/2018
Planning Commission Appeal Fee Waiver   03/25/2014
Posting Instructions and Affidavit   02/26/2015
Preliminary Project Assessment (PPA) Application   04/13/2018
Preliminary Zoning Screening for Restaurants and Related Uses   12/09/2010
Priority Policies General Plan Findings   12/22/2010
Project Review Meeting Application   03/21/2018
Project Review Meeting Application - Interdepartmental   03/21/2018
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Reasonable Modification Form   07/01/2015
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School Drop-Off & Pick-Up Management Application Packet   05/21/2015
Shadow Analysis Application   10/21/2011
State Analyzed Density Bonus Program   10/10/2017
see: Alterations to Commercial Storefront for Accessibility (ADA) - Checklist
Sunshine Ordinance Request for Public Record Form   05/05/2011
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Temporary Use Authorization   04/30/2018
Temporary Use Authorization - Street Food FAQ   12/08/2010
TIDF Policy Credits and Charitable Exemptions Application   07/07/2014
Transferable Development Rights Application - Certificate of Transfer   05/01/2012
Transferable Development Rights Application - Notice of Use   05/01/2012
Transferable Development Rights Application - Statement of Eligibilty   05/01/2012
Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program   03/01/2018
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Unauthorized Unit Affidavit   02/05/2016
Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones   05/16/2017
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Variance from the Planning Code   04/01/2018
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Wireless Telecommunications Services (WTS) Guidelines and Forms   09/22/2010
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Zoning Administrator Request for Hearing (Show Cause in Opposition of Notice of Violation)   07/25/2016


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