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Meeting Minutes


Hearing Room 400

City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



12:30 P.M. 




Regular Meeting




COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:         Damkroger, Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, and Wolfram

COMMISSIONERS ABSENT:           Chase and Buckley




STAFF IN ATTENDANCETim Frye – Acting Preservation Coordinator, Shelley Caltagirone, Pilar LaValley, Jeremy Battis, Sarah Jones, Devyani Jain, and Linda Avery – Commission Secretary




At the beginning of the hearing, requests were made for continuance of Item 7 – 1050 Valencia Street and Item 9 – Appleton & Wolfard Libraries.  The following speakers presented their view on continuance.



Risa Jeitelbaum – Liberty Hill Historic District (LHHD), re:  LHHD had filed an appeal to the 1050 Valencia Street EIR.  She would like the hearing to be after the appeal hearing.

Howard Wong – Friends of the Appleton & Wolfard Libraries, re: Requested continuance of Item 9 to allow time to gather supporters, material, and thoughts.

Stephen Antonaros – Architect of 1050 Valencia Street, re: Requested to move project forward at this hearing because it is only informational to HPC as part of the Eastern Neighborhood Area Plan Interim Control procedures.

[Name was not clear] – Requested continuance of Item 9.



ACTION:         Motion to continue Item 7 - 1050 Valencia Street to June 16, 2010

AYES:             Matsuda and Hasz

NAY:                Wolfram and Damkroger

RECUSED:     Martinez

ABSENT:        Buckley and Chase

NOTE:           Motion did not carry because it received a split vote.  Item 7 was heard


ACTION:         Continued Item 9 – Appleton & Wolfard Libraries to June 16, 2010

AYES:             Wolfram, Martinez, Matsuda, Damkroger, Hasz

ABSENT:        Buckley and Chase






Zack Steward – Architect and Resident of North Beach, re:  He wanted to bring to the attention of HPC that the landmarked grassy area in North Beach’s Washington Square is destroyed by the annual North Beach Fair.

Tony Gantner – He urged that the permit application for North Beach Fair at Washington Square Park come before HPC for permission before going to Recreation and Parks.

Aaron Goodman – Re: Parkmerced.  He urged HPC to tour Parkmerced and to look at Parkmerced’s California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) alternatives for landscape and transit.

Katherine Howard – Golden Gate Park Preservation Association, re:  She gave an update on Beach Chalet athletic Fields and urged HPC to write a letter to describe their concerns for potential significant negative impacts for this project.

Kathleen Courtney – Chair of Housing and Zoning for Russian Hill Community Association, re:  She requested to put 1268 Lombard Street on the agenda for a full HPC hearing.

Joseph Butler – AIA and Little House Committee, re:  He urged full HPC to hear 1268 Lombard Street.

Joan Joaquin-Wood – re:  She stated that 1268 Lombard Street has been handled badly and urged HPC to prevent this from happening in the future.




Acting Preservation Coordinator Frye:

424 Francisco Street – On April 27th, the Board of Supervisor (BOS) heard an appeal on the exemption from environment review, and overturned the Categorical Exemption (Cat Ex) given to this project by the Planning Department.  In addition, the BOS made findings that the Department must require Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for all proposed garage installations in the area affected by Supervisor Chiu’s Garage Legislation; the EIR must study traffic impacts to historic resources, land use and affordable housing; and the Administrative Code provision for noticing is to mean that all Cat Ex by the Department must be noticed.  The Department is working to provide procedures to respond to these new findings and the Department will keep the HPC informed.




1.         President’s Report and Announcements



            NoteCommission Damkroger would like to add to the action list 1) Washington Square issue brought up by the public, 2) HPC to write a letter as requested by Kathy Howard; Commissioner Martinez would like to 3) Agendize 1268 Lombard Street, and 4) Routinely distribute ARC comment letters to ARC and the HPC.


2.         Rules and Regulations

a.        Disclosure – Discussion of the definition of disclosures including process and options for the Commission.


Deputy City AttorneyRuiz-Esquide reported that the draft on disclosure was being reviewed by her office and she would work with staff on when to schedule the next hearing date.


3.                 Drafting a policy statement consistent with Universal Accessibility and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards at the request of the Mayor’s Disability Council.


Note:  After some discussion, the Commissioners preferred not to adopt anything at this time.  Commissioner Martinez volunteered to attend the Mayor’s Disability Council’s meeting to listen to their concerns and to find out what the real issues are in order to begin to continue an on-going conversation.  He would report back to HPC.  Tim would work with Commissioner Martinez after he attends the hearing.


SPEAKERS:   None                                                                                                   


4.         Consideration of Adoption:

              a.        Draft minutes of Regular Hearing of April 21, 2010



ACTION:         Approved with corrections: – on first page under Staff Report change “because two supervisors” to “Two supervisors”; page 2, “Bob Churney” to “Bob Cherney”; page 3, “draft letter to the ERO” to “draft letter (Karl Hasz) to the ERO”.

AYES:             Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, and Damkroger

ABSENT:        Buckley and Chase




5.         2008.0312A                                                               (S. Caltagirone: 415/558-6625)

280 DIVISADERO STREET,east side between Haight and Page Streets.  Assessor's Block 1238, Lot 023 - Request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to convert the carriage house located at the rear of the subject property to a residential unit, resulting in a de facto demolition of the existing building per the demolition standards set forth in Section 1005(f) of the Planning Code and the construction of a new residential building with attached garage. The carriage house is a contributing feature of the Charles Hinkel House property, San Francisco Landmark No. 190. The site is zoned NC-2 (Small-Scale Neighborhood Commercial) District and is in a 40-X Height and Bulk District.

(Continued from February 17, 2010 regular meeting and April 28, 2010 special meeting at project site.)

Preliminary Recommendation:  Disapproval

NOTE:  On 2/17/10, the Commission held a public hearing on this project.  Following public testimony, the item was continued to allow the Commission to hold a special public meeting to allow a site visit prior to taking final action.  The special meeting site visit was held on 4/28/10 that allowed public participation.  The public hearing remains open.


SPEAKER(S):   John Barbey

ACTION:            Continued to July 21, 2010.

AYES:                Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, and Damkroger

NAY:                   Wolfram

ABSENT:           Buckley and Chase


6.         2010.0143A                                                                    (P. LaValley: 415/575-9084)

837-849 22ND STREET, southeast corner of 22nd and Minnesota Streets, in Assessor’s Block 4171, Lot 015.  Request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to alter ground floor fenestration, install several new openings at ground floor, and remove and reinstall existing horizontal wood siding. The subject property is a contributing structure to the Dogpatch Historic District and is located within a

NCT-2 (Moderate-Scale Neighborhood Commercial Transit) District with a 45-X Height and Bulk limit.

Preliminary Recommendation:  Approval with conditions


PRESENTER:   Daniel Piechota – Project Architect, re:  Gave an overview on the scope of the project; Christopher VerPlanck representing KVP, re:  Addressed the main points of the project and how the project complied with the Secretary of Interior Standards.

SPEAKER(S);   None

ACTION:            Approved

AYES:                Damkroger, Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, and Wolfram

ABSENT:           Buckley and Chase

MOTION NO:    M0065


7.         2007.1457E                                                                         (J. Battis: 415/575-9022)

1050 VALENCIA STREET,west side between 21st and 22nd Streets at the southwest corner of Valencia Street and Hill Street; Lot 008 of Assessor’s Block 3617 – Review of the proposed project, per the Eastern Neighborhoods Area Plan Interim Permit Review Procedures for Historic Resources, involving the construction of a mixed-use development with restaurant and residential uses. The proposed project would also include the demolition of an existing 1,670-square foot (sq ft), one-story commercial building constructed in 1970, originally in use as a Kentucky Fried Chicken and now occupied by Spork restaurant. The new proposed five-story, 55-foot-high, approximately 16,000-sq ft building would have 16 dwelling units over a ground-floor full-service restaurant. The existing building has one off-street parking/loading space, which would remain.

Preliminary Recommendation:  Adoption of motion regarding review of proposed project per the Eastern Neighborhoods Area Plan Interim Permit Review Procedures.


PRESENTER:  Stephen Antonaros - Architect for the project, re: Showed photos of the project.

SPEAKER(S):   Risa Jeitelbaum – Liberty-Hill Historic District, re: Requested a reduction of 2 stories to the proposed project and the project design needs to relate more to the historic district; John Barbey – Resident of Liberty Street and Member of SF Preservation Consortium, re: Request to postpone the item

ACTION:            Directed staff to draft a comment letter that the Commissioners’ would like to see context include existing and proposed streetscapes, greater setbacks, materials, and scale of the projects.  Item was continued to June 16, 2010 with the public hearing remaining open.

AYES:                Hasz, Matsuda, Wolfram, and Damkroger

RECUSED:        Martinez

ABSENT:           Buckley and Chase


8.         2008.0081E                                                                           (D. Jain: 415/575-0951)

950 MASON STREET, FAIRMONT HOTEL, CITY LANDMARK #185,bound by California, Mason, Powell and Sacramento Streets. Assessor's Block 0244, Lot 001 - Review and Comment on the Draft Environment Impact Report.  The proposed project includes: 1) renovation of portions of the landmark 1906 Fairmont Hotel building, including consolidation of up to 60 hotel rooms; 2) reconfiguration of some existing hotel uses; 3) demolition of the 1961 23-story Fairmont Hotel tower above the five-story podium; and 4) construction of a new 160–unit, 26-story residential tower and five-story midrise residential component, both above a five-story podium, on the site of the existing hotel tower and podium (proposed to be demolished). The proposed project would include below-grade parking for about 350 vehicles.  The 113,400-square-foot project site is located in an RM-4 (Residential Mixed-High Density) Use District and the Nob Hill Special Use District (SUD), and in 200-E, 300-E and 320-E Height and Bulk Districts.  The proposed project would require Conditional Use (CU) authorization for height and bulk and for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) including exceptions to the 25 percent rear yard requirement, as well as require Planning Commission approval under the “Large Tourist Hotel Conversion Ordinance,” Administrative Code 41F.3(f), among other approvals. The proposed exterior changes to the historic 1906 Fairmont Hotel building would also require a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Commission. The Draft EIR found that implementation of the proposed project would result in a significant unavoidable environmental impact on cultural resources, related to demolition of the Tonga Room, which has been identified as a historic resource under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).


This public hearing is intended to assist the Commission in its preparation of comments on the Draft EIR. Comments made by members of the public at this hearing will not be considered comments on the Draft EIR and may not be responded to in the Final EIR.  The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to receive comments on the Draft EIR on June 10, 2010.  Written comments on the Draft EIR will be accepted at the Planning Department until 5:00pm on June 16, 2010.


Preliminary Recommendation: The Historic Preservation Commission will discuss the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) to frame their written comments on the adequacy of the DEIR, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)


SPEAKERS in opposition of the project:  Chris VerPlank – Cofounder of SOS Tonga; Aaron Goodman; Kip Potter – Property Owner and Member of Historic Nob Hill Association (HNH); Paul Fisher – Member of HNH; Brenda Osborne – President of HNH; Irma Zigas – Member of HNH; Laura Potter - Member of HNH; Jim Fotenos – Chair of 840 Powell Home Owner Association; Alice Carey - Member of HNH; Robert Varni – Neighbor.

SPEAKERS in favor of the project:  Callaghan Fritz-Cope – Fritz Property Group and Resident of 1000 Mason Street

ACTION:            Commissioners Martinez, Damkroger and Wolfram will work with staff on the draft letter.

AYES:                Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, and Damkroger

ABSENT:           Buckley and Chase


9.         2008.0968L                                                                           (T. Frye: 415/575-6822)

APPLETON & WOLFARD LIBRARIES – Marina Branch Library, 1890 Chestnut Street: Assessor's Block 0469, Lot 001; North Beach Branch Library, 2000 Mason Street: Assessor's Block 0074, Lot 001. Review of the adequacy of the documentation for the post-war branch libraries designed by the firm Appleton & Wolfard and a Resolution to approve, modify, or disapprove the recommendation to the Board of Supervisors to designate the Marina and North Beach Branch Libraries as San Francisco Landmarks under Article 10 of the Planning Code. The properties are zoned P (Public) and/or Open Space (OS).

Recommendation: Staff will identify branches to be recommended for designation at the hearing.


ACTION:            Without hearing, continued to June 16, 2010

AYES:                Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, and Damkroger

ABSENT:           Buckley and Chase




The minutes was proposed for adoption at the Regular Meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission on Wednesday, July 7, 2010


ACTION:           Approved

AYES:              Chase, Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, Buckley

ABSENT:          Damkroger


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