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City and County of San Francisco

April 28, 2010 Special Meeting




Notice of Special Meeting


Site Visit to 280 Divisadero Street

San Francisco, CA 94117

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3:30 -  4:30 P.M.



Charles Edwin Chase, President

Courtney Damkroger, Vice President


Karl Hasz, Alan Martinez, Diane Matsuda

James Buckley, Andrew Wolfram


John Rahaim, Director of Planning

Tina Tam, Preservation Coordinator

Linda D. Avery, Commission Secretary




Case No. 2008.0312A                                                         (S. Caltagirone: 415/558-6625)

280 Divisadero Street – east side between Haight and Page Streets.  Assessor's Block 1238, Lot 023 - A site visit to study the landmark property and inform the Commission's decision concerning the proposed conversion of the carriage house located at the rear of the subject property to a residential unit. The proposed project would result in a de facto demolition of the existing building per the demolition standards set forth in Section 1005(f) of the Planning Code and the construction of a new residential building with attached garage. The carriage house is a contributing feature of the Charles Hinkel House property, San Francisco Landmark No. 190. The site is zoned NC-2 (Small-Scale Neighborhood Commercial) District and is in a 40-X Height and Bulk District.

(Continued from the Regular Meeting of February 17, 2010)

(The Commissioner will not take any action for this item at this meeting.)







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