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Seal of the City and County of San Francisco
City and County of San Francisco


SoMa Reference Map (PDF-5.46MB)

Western SoMa Special Use District Plan Area 8x11 (PDF-1.6MB)

Western SoMa Special Use District Plan Area 11x17 (PDF-2MB)

Existing Zoning (PDF – 770 KB)

Existing NC Zoning

Existing Height Limits (PDF – 773 KB)

Existing Building Heights (PDF – 1.92 MB)

Building Age (PDF – 487 KB)


Land Use

Existing Land Uses (PDF – 6.97 MB)

Existing Land Uses in SLI Area (PDF – 122KB)

Existing Land Uses in Flower Mart Vicinity (PDF – 238KB)

Existing Ground Floor Land Uses (PDF – 1.85MB)

Existing 2nd Floor Land Uses (PDF – 1.77MB)

Existing 3rd Floor Land Uses (PDF – 1.66MB)

Proposed Heights Map - Planning Commission - 12/6/12 (PDF- 477KB)

Proposed Zoning Map - Planning Commission - 12/6/12 (PDF - 426KB)


Light Industry

Existing Light Industrial Land Uses (PDF-2.84MB)



Existing Residential Land Uses (PDF-569KB)

Existing Residential Land Uses in SLI Area (PDF-2.45MB)

Existing & Emerging Residential Clusters (PDF–216KB)

Residential Clusters & Height Limits Overlay

Residential Clusters & Building Heights Overlay

Existing Residential & Retail Commercial Land Uses (PDF-718KB)

Existing Residential & Retail Commercial Land Uses in SLI Area (PDF-2.54MB)

Existing Residential & Retail Commercial & Traffic Volumes Overlay (PDF-908KB)

Existing Residential Land Uses on Alleys (PDF-2.68MB)

Existing Residential Land Uses on Arterials (PDF-429KB)

Alley Classifications (PDF-2.65MB)

Alley Traffic Lane Typology (PDF-2.47MB)


Mixed Use & Commercial Corridors

Existing Mixed Use Land Uses (PDF-893KB)

Emerging Mixed Use Corridors (PDF-2.03MB)

Commercial Corridors & Ground Floor Land Uses Overlay (PDF-1.96MB)

Commercial Corridors & 2nd Floor Land Uses Overlay (PDF-1.86MB)

Commercial Corridors & 3rd Floor Land Uses Overlay (PDF-1.77MB)
SoMa 05 Pipeline Projects (PDF – 1.48 MB)
SoMa 06 Pipeline Projects (PDF-1.81MB)

WSoMa 06 Pipeline Projects (PDF-399MB)

Soft Sites Locations (PDF – 2.65 MB)

Soft Sites & 05 Pipeline Projects Overlay (PDF – 2.67 MB)
Soft Sites & 06 Pipeline Projects Overlay (PDF2.66MB)

Live/Work Buildings (PDF – 399 KB)

Live/Work & Business Service Overlay (PDF – 420 KB)

Business Service Buildings (PDF – 412 KB)

Business Service & Office Land Use Overlay (PDF – 609 KB)




Housing Opportunity Existing Building Heights (PDF – 520 KB)

Housing Opportunity Building Height Limits (PDF – 488 KB)

Housing Opportunity Public Facilities (PDF – 565 KB)

Housing Opportunity Retail Businesses (PDF – 472 KB)

Housing Opportunity Existing Transportation Modes (PDF – 3.93 MB)

Housing Opportunity Existing Zoning (PDF – 487 KB)

Potential Future REDs with Land Uses (PDF-12MB)

Potential Future REDs Simplified (PDF-592KB)



Retail Business Locations by Business Types (PDF-349KB)

Retail Business Locations (PDF – 279 KB)


Arts  and  Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment Facilities (PDF-2.47MB)


Open Space

Rear-yard Open Space Google Images (PDF-95MB)

Existing Open Space (PDF-415KB)

Existing Open Space & Alley System Overlay (PDF-3.46MB)


Community Facilities

Existing Public Facilities (PDF-2MB)


Cultural Preservations

Historical and Cultural Resources (PDF – 2.62 MB)

Arts & Entertainment Facilities (PDF – 2.47 MB)

Filipino Assets (PDF-2.5MB)

Filipino Assets by Sector (PDF – 425 KB)

Filipino Resources and Historic Resources Overlay (PDF-889KB)

LGBTQ Businesses (PDF-2.49MB)

LGBTQ Business by Sector (PDF – 411 KB)

LGBTQ Businesses by Types (PDF – 422 KB)

LGBTQ Businesses by Population Served (PDF – 435 KB)

LGBTQ Social Heritage and Historic Resource Overlay (PDF – 2.55MB)

Historic Preservation Surveys Prior to 2006 (PDF – 2.32 MB)

Historic Resources Survey – Heritage (PDF-723MB)

Historic Resources Survey – DCP76 (PDF-733MB)

Historic Resources Surveys by Parcels (PDF-2.5MB)

Historic Resources Survey by Era - Year Built (PDF-2.59MB)

Historic Resources - Contributory Resources(PDF-2.53MB)

Historic Resources - Contributory Resources & Surveyed Parcels Merged (PDF-2.69MB)


Existing Transportation Modes (PDF–2.57MB)

Existing Alley Systems and Street Classifications (PDF-6.21MB)

Alley Typology (PDF-2.65MB)

Alley Right of Way Width (PDF–2.54MB)

Alley Driving Lanes Width (PDF–2.43MB)

Traffic Volumes and Direction (PDF–2.95MB)

Pedestrians Involved Collisions (PDF-2.53MB)

Existing Bike Network (PDF-3MB)

Proposed Truck Routes (PDF-311MB)

Future Street Hierarchy Scenarios (PDF-357MB)

Future Street Hierarchy Scenarios (PDF-282KB)


Existing Metered Parking (PDF-2.53MB)

Existing Unmetered Parking (PDF-1.1MB)

Existing Public Surface Parking Lots (PDF-529KB)



Employment Density (PDF-485KB)



Shadow Fan Studies Base Map (PDF-322KB)

Western SoMa Urban Design/Heights Analysis - 7th & 8th Streets (PDF-411KB)

Western SoMa SUD Community Planning Area

Lot Size Analysis – Filtered

Lot Size Analysis – Unfiltered (PDF-451KB)



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