Hunters Point Power Plant Vision Plan

Hunters Point Power Plant

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In 2006, Pacific Gas & Electric Company ("PG&E") decommissioned it's Hunter's Point Power Plant, which had served the San Francisco area community for over 75 years. As environmental cleanup and remediation neared completion, PG&E engaged with community residents and stakeholders to discuss the near-term future of the site, called NOW Hunters Point. Since 2014, more than 52 activations, 200 hours of programming, and over 11,200 visitors have participated in NOW Hunters Point interim use events and activities in and around the site. As the interim use period of the site draws to a close, we are excited to take the next step and begin FUTURE Hunters Point.

PG&E is committed to completing the safe, effective, and community supportive development of the site and involving the community in that process. Since 2010, PG&E has been working closely with the community and oversight agencies on the cleanup of the former power plant property. FUTURE Hunters Point is the public vision planning process for the long-term future use of the site, culminating in the completion of the PG&E Hunters Point Vision Plan.

Project Goal

The goal of this planning effort is to develop a comprehensive vision for the Hunters Point Power Plant site. At the end of this planning process we will develop a Vision Plan. The Vision Plan is intended to provide the conceptual framework that will guide the long-range planning and development of the site. The Vision Plan will be developed in close collaboration with the local community, stakeholders, PG&E and the City of San Francisco including the Planning Department, MTA and OEWD. In addition to summarizing the historical and cultural context of the site, the Vision Plan will outline recommendations for the following topics areas: 

  • Land Uses
  • Public Realm (transportation, open space, streets)
  • Urban Design
  • Resilience & Sustainability
  • Public Benefits

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Background Documents

This visioning effort will build on past planning documents and current efforts to activate the site.

Meetings and Events

Workshop #1 - August 10, 2017 


Lily Langlois
Project Manager
Planning Department

Leigh Lutenski
Project Manager
Office of Economic and Workforce Development