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Find the zoning use district, height limits and permit history of a property – and more – on our San Francisco Property Information Map (PIM).


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What Is Zoning?

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Learn more about zoning regulations and how it can affect your property or business.

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Process Flow Chart

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Friendly disclaimer: This flow chart is meant to provide a simplified, broad overview of the permitting process and may not cover the complexity that can arise in the permitting process for your project.

Enter an address or Assessor's Lot and Block number and click the "Zoning" tab.

Once you know the zoning use district of your property, you can reference our useful Permit How-To Guides that summarize regulations and Code controls for many types of residential and commercial projects.

Planning Districts

Among the useful records and resources available for each property:

  • Property Information (including Assessor's Reports and various Maps)
  • Zoning Information of the Property (including Zoning Districts and other Applicable Regulations)
  • Historic Preservation Records of the Property
  • Permitting History of the Property
  • Enforcement Complaint Record of the Property

Check the useful Map Help page for more details on how to use the PIM.

Why do we have Zoning Regulations?

Zoning regulations govern how land can be used in various geographic areas of San Francisco called "zoning use districts" (also known as "zoning," "zones" or "use districts").

For example, zoning regulations might:

  • govern sizes and shapes of buildings.
  • limit the number of units or apartments that can exists on a property.
  • require the accommodation of car parking off of the street
  • set controls on planting street trees under certain circumstances.
  • specify how late a business can remain open at night.

For each use of land (also known as "land uses" or "uses") in any given zone, zoning regulations are specified in detail in a legislative policy document called the "San Francisco Planning Code."

For each type of use, the Code specifies it's either: Permitted (P), Conditional (C), or Not Permitted (NP). Therefore, knowing the zoning of your property will help you understand what's allowed and what specific limits may apply to your residential or commercial project.

You can view the City and County of San Francisco's zones on the official Zoning Map and in Section 201 of the San Francisco Planning Code.