Current Planning & Historic Preservation Teams

All building permits and cases are assigned to teams of staff on a geographic basis according to the Neighborhood Quadrant Map.

You will be advised of the neighborhood quadrant for your project at the time you file for a permit. You can also find out about the neighborhood location of any site by calling our Planning Information Center at (415) 558-6377.

Historic Preservation is a strategy for conserving significant elements of the built environment in order to maintain a tangible physical connection to the past.


Please note: An asterisk (*) below identifies a Preservation Technical Specialists assigned to Neighborhood Teams.


Current Planning Director's Office
Jeff Joslin
Director of Current Planning
Nora Priego
Executive Assistant to Director of Current Planning
Elizabeth Watty
Assistant Director of Current Planning
Northeast Team (view on map)
Mark Luellen
Northwest Team (view on map)
David Lindsay
Southeast Team (view on map)
Richard Sucré
Southwest Team (view on map)
Delvin Washington
Elizabeth Gordon-Jonckheer *

Flex Team
Marcelle Boudreaux

Preservation Team
Tim Frye
Historic Preservation Officer
Preservation Planners for Environmental Review
Pilar LaValley
Acting Senior Preservation Planner

Planning Information Center (PIC) Team
Julian Bañales

Support Staff
Erica Russell
Planner Tech, Southern Teams
Keisha Calmese
Planner Tech, Northern Teams
Victoria Lewis
Planner Tech, Preservation and Wireless
Renata Leschinger


Neighborhood Quadrant Map

Click here to download a high-resolution PDF of the Neighborhood Quadrant Map

Map of San Francisco's four neighborhood quadrants.