2017 Letters of Determination

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The Zoning Administrator issues determination letters resulting from requests by property owners, developers, architects, and land use attorneys inquire about the zoning regulations applicable to specific development proposals. These letters offer guidance to requesting parties as to whether a proposed project, such as a new building, an addition to an existing building, or a use change, conform to the Planning Code (sometimes referred to as the Zoning Code). Read more about Planning Code Section 307(a) which outlines the duties of the Zoning Administrator.

Once these letters are issued, applicants still must obtain all applicable required building permits and/or certificates before a use can commence or a building can be built. Please see the links below for those letters issued by the Zoning Administrator for the most recent time period, which are identified by address. To view archived Letters of Determination, use the navigation on the right to search letters by year.

2017 Letters of Determination
 2000-2070 Bryant Street 05/22/17
 1715 Alabama Street 05/22/17
 470 and 498 Alabama Street 05/22/17
 3201 Mission Street 05/22/17
 3278 21th Street 05/01/17
 4401 Balboa Street 05/01/17
 1069-1073 Howard Street 05/01/17
 1149-1153 Valencia Street 05/01/17
 2425 California Street 05/01/17
 770 Van Ness Avenue 05/01/17
 400 London Street 04/24/17
 958 Geneva Street 04/24/17
 1160 Bryant Street - Withdrawn 04/24/17
 Notable Labs Group LLC 04/21/17
 2310 Mission Street - Withdrawn 04/12/17
 537 Grove Street - Release of NSR 04/06/17
 500 Pine Street 03/31/17
 1060 Bryant Street - Withdrawn 03/29/17
 3030 - 17th Street - Withdrawn 03/13/17
 1794 San Jose Avenue - Withdrawn 03/22/17
 50 Surrey Street 03/20/17
 350 Mission Street 03/02/17
 199 New Montgomery Street 03/02/17
 3278 24th Street - Withdrawn 03/02/17
 685 - 3rd Street 02/27/17
 1-25 Montgomery Street 02/22/17
 2226 Green Street 02/22/17
 1 Market Street 02/21/17
 1409 Polk Street 02/21/17
 2814 Jennings Street 02/21/17
 250 - 1st Street 02/17/17
 167 Powell Street 02/06/17
 350 Rhode Island 02/06/17
 1522 Bush Street 01/30/17
 1800 Van Ness & 1754-1788 Clay Street  01/09/17
 135 Witmore Street 01/03/17
 443 Folsom Street 01/03/17
 518 Brannan Street 01/03/17
 644 & 660 Broadway 01/03/17
 761 Bryant Street 01/03/17
 1823 Union Street 01/03/17

Powers and Duties of the Zoning Administrator

Pursuant to Planning Code Section 307(a) (Other Powers and Duties of the Zoning Administrator - Rules, Regulations and Interpretations)

"the Zoning Administrator shall, consistent with the expressed standards, purposes and intent of this Code and pursuant to its objectives, issue and adopt such rules, regulations and interpretations as are in the Zoning Administrator's opinion necessary to administer and enforce the provisions of this Code. Such rules and regulations, and any such interpretations that will be of general application in future cases, shall be made a part of the permanent public records of the Department of City Planning. The Zoning Administrator shall respond to all written requests for determinations regarding the classification of uses and the interpretation and applicability of the provisions of this Code."

Read more about the Zoning Administrator.