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Survey Findings: Oceanside Survey Phase II

In 2008, the Sunset Parkside Education and Action Committee (SPEAK) initiated Phase II of an architectural survey of buildings located at the western edge of the Sunset District, a neighborhood originally known as Oceanside. The primary focus of this survey was smaller-scale beach cottages associated with the earliest development of the Oceanside neighborhood.

SPEAK hired an architectural historian consultant to determine the historic status of individual buildings as well as clusters of buildings. All of the surveyed properties were documented on accepted California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) – 523 series forms.

The consultant firm, Kelley & VerPlanck Architectural Consulting, evaluated 57 individual properties and made the following determinations:

  • 31 properties qualify as eligible historic resources.
  • 23 properties do not qualify as an eligible historic resource.
  • 3 properties require further research in order to make a determination as to historic status.

The consultants also evaluated five clusters of buildings for eligibility as historic districts and made the following determinations:

  • 3 small clusters qualify as eligible historic districts. These three eligible historic districts contain a total of 37 properties.
  • 2 small clusters do not qualify as eligible historic districts. These two non-eligible clusters contain a total of 11 properties.

Due to budget constraints, the consultant firm did not evaluate all properties included in the Oceanside survey. Instead, the consultant firm provided narrative descriptions (without evaluation) of approximately 400 additional buildings on DPR 523-A forms. No determination as to historic status was made for these 400 buildings.

In May 2010, SPEAK hosted an informational community meeting related to the survey and its initial findings. Planning Department (Department) staff was on hand to provide additional information regarding the survey process. SPEAK hosted a second informational community meeting to present its final findings on March 19, 2012.

Although the Oceanside survey was initiated, funded, and managed by SPEAK, the Department and the Department's Survey Advisor's Group were closely involved in the review of the consultant's survey findings.

The Historic Preservation Commission unanimously adopted the survey findings at its regularly scheduled public hearing on May 2, 2012.

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Surveyed Properties

Buildings included in the Oceanside survey were documented on DPR 523-A, DPR 523-B, and DPR 523-D forms. A searchable map contains PDFs of these completed forms for each surveyed building and historic district.

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Oceanside Survey FAQ
Department-prepared FAQ related to the Oceanside Survey.

  Oceanside Historic Context Statement
A Historic Context Statement for the Oceanside neighborhood.
  Oceanside Hearing Poster
Historic Preservation Commission, May 2, 2012


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