Proposed Land Use Matrix


Legislative Summary 2006 (PDF-64.6KB)

Proposed Draft Western SoMa Community Stabilization Policy

Western SoMa PRD Replacement  - Planning Commission Resolution No. 17707

Board of Supervisors Ordinance Establishing the W SoMa Special Use District with Public Notice Requirements and Conditional Use Provision for Formula Retail Uses

Board of Supervisors Ordinance Modifying the W SoMa Special Use District Boundaries


Western SoMa Use District

On April 11, 2006, Supervisor Chris Daly introduced legislation to define the Western SoMa boundaries and provide residents and business owners with greater notification about proposed building and land use changes in their neighborhood.

Planning Department Case Report 060483 to establish WSoMa Special Use District

Resolution 17260 establishes WSoMa plan area Special Use District

Formula Retail

Proposed Legislation on Interim Control for Formula Retail (PDF-284KB)

Proposed Resolution to Adopt Conditional Use Policies for WSoMa Formula Retail Use (PDF-229KB)

Planning Department Case Report 060482 on Formula Retail Controls and Notification Request (PDF-45.2KB)

Resolution 17261 to designate formula retail as conditional use and to require public noticing in WSoMa SUD (PDF-16.8KB)

Resolution 17389 adopts additional policies for Formula Retail Conditional Use Applications in WSoMa (PDF-22.1KB)


Filipino Social Heritage Proposal

LGBTQ Proposal


Single Room Occupancy

Proposed Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Development Controls (PDF-354KB)

Planning Guidelines

WSoMa Planning Principles (PDF-130KB)

San Francisco Planning Department Residential Design Guidelines, December 2003

Design Standards

WSoMa Draft Design Standards (PDF-3.22MB)
Guidelines (Standards) for Design in Western SoMa - DRAFT (PDF-6.01MB)

Environmental Review Documents

Notice of Preparation Cover Letter (PDF-157KB)

Notice of Preparation(PDF-2.7MB)

Scope of the Environmental Impact Report Presentation (PDF-2.7MB)

Scoping Meeting Transcript (DOC-77KB)


Strategic Analysis Memos (SAMs)

Demographic Data

South of Market Neighborhood Profile (PDF-6.93MB)
Note: Find additional demographic and planning related information on the San Francisco Planning Department's Eastern Neighborhoods Planning Process page

Research and Studies

Residential Enclave Districts in WSoMa (PowerPoint-14.1MB)

Land-Use Analysis along Folsom Street (PowerPoint-9.5 MB)

Future Transportation Planning Projects Matrix in South of Market (PDF-12.4KB)

Housing Opportunity Sites Analysis in WSoMa (PDF-14.9MB)

Report on Transportation Planning in WSoMa (PDF-6.92MB)

Presentation on Transportation Planning in WSoMa (PowerPoint-1.86MB)

Neighborhood Advisory Council Best Practices (PDF-9.5MB)

Site Specific Analyses

6th and Brannan Streets (Flower Mart Site)

§ by Asian Neighborhood Design (PDF-6MB)

§ by University of California, Berkeley (PDF-1.4MB)

8th and Harrision Streets (Bus Yard Site)

§ by California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo (PDF-78MB)

§ by Archstone Smith (PDF-45.8MB)

§ What we've learned by Archstone Smith (PDF- 20KB)

10th and Howard Streets (St. Joseph's Church Site)

§ by Amanda Alpiner, Mickela Gonzales and Josh Patrick (PDF-26MB)

§ by Mauro Cardenas, Celeste Madrigal and Judy Quan (PDF-12.6MB)

§ by Shannon Thompson and Sarah Cutler (PDF-52MB)

§ by Anthony Kiet, Kaitlin Vining and Tracy Wang (PDF-31MB)

§ by Kristina Nisbet and Lucia Castello (PDF-37MB)

§ by Sean Lopes and Emily Pappalardo (PDF-22.6MB)

WSoMa Progress Report

2005 Progress Report (PDF-202KB)

2006 Progress Report (PDF-667KB)

WSoMa Plan 2008-2009 Timeline

PDF(11KB) / MSWord(23KB)

Town Hall Results and Documentation

Planning Principles and First Town Hall Results (PDF-119KB)

Second Town Hall Feedback (PDF-108KB)

Third Town Hall Feedback (PDF-123KB)