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Below is a listing of the San Francisco Planning Department's available professional services opportunities


Bid Number
Bid Title Status
EP17-01 As-Needed Consultant Services for Environmental, Transportation, Historic Resources, and Archaeological Review

Addendum #1 - Questions and Answers
CP17-01 RFP for Civic Center Public Space Design Closed
CP16-08 RFP for Assessing Affordability in the Existing Housing Stock in San Francisco Closed
CP16-05 Change Notice - RFQ for Pool of As-Needed Planning
Consulting Services
CP16-02 Request for Proposals for Record Digitization Services Closed
CP16-03 Request for Proposals for Affordable Housing Incentive Program in Mission and other Area Plans: Design, Market & Feasibility Analysis Closed
CP15-030 Request for Proposals for Central Waterfront-Dogpatch Public Realm Plan Closed
CP15-025 Art Program Facilitation Services Grant Closed
CP15-021 Request for Qualifications for As-Needed Consultant Services for Environmental, Transportation, Historic Resources, and Archeological Review Closed
CP15-023 Request for Proposals for the Baseline Shadow Analysis Closed
CP15-022 Informal Bid for Public Space Stewardship and Management Guide Closed
CP14-018 Request for Proposals for the Bayshore Station Location Study Closed
CP14-020 Central SOMA Eco-District Governance Structure Closed
CP13-016 Residential Development New Construction: Digital Modeling and Financial Feasibility Analysis Closed
CP13-015 Closed
CP13-014 Portsmouth Square Area Existing Conditions and Feasibility Report Closed


For more information on the Planning Department's contracting and bid opportunities, please contact:

Belle La

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