Central Waterfront / Dogpatch Public Realm Plan

Public Realm Plan Released!

Download the final draft Public Realm Plan and its Appendices that will be presented before the Planning Commission Hearing scheduled for August 23, 2018 for adoption in San Francisco's General Plan.
You can also download the Environmental Review for the Plan, an Addendum to the Environmental Impact Report previously prepared for the Eastern Neighborhoods Rezoning and Area Plans project.


The City needs your help to prioritize and scope projects like park improvements and streetscape amenities so that we can develop cost estimates and program them into the City's Capital Plan for implementation.

The Central Waterfront of San Francisco continues to grow, accommodating both new housing and neighborhood commercial services, while maintaining many historic industrial marine functions. As more development is realized in the neighborhood, the public realm of the Central Waterfront should receive appropriate improvements that better serve residents and employees.

The Central Waterfront / Dogpatch Public Realm Plan will set the framework for public space improvements in the neighborhood, guiding the investment of impact fees and other sources in the streetscapes and parks which tie the area together.

Growth Predictions

Plan Outputs

Plan outputs

Project Timeline

This project timeline may change. Please continue to check back here for updates.

Plan timeline


Presentation Materials

The Outreach Timeline is available for download.

Policy Background and Related Efforts

Several efforts relate to – and will be integrated into – the Central Waterfront / Dogpatch Neighborhood Public Realm Plan.

Central Waterfront Area master Plan
Central Waterfront Area Plan
SF Planning, Adopted December 2008
Pier 70 Preferred Master Plan
Pier 70 Preferred Master Plan
Port of San Francisco, April 2010
22nd Street Master Plan
22nd Street Master Plan
GreenTrustSF, May 2011
Better Streets Plan
San Francisco Better Streets Plan
City of San Francisco, June 2010
Cesar Chavez East Community Design Plan
Cesar Chavez East Community Design Plan
SF Planning, February 2012
Blue Greenway Planning and Design Guidelines
Green Connections plan
Green Connections
San Francisco Planning Department, 2014
Better Streets Plan
Pier 70 Development
A Forest City Project


Robin Abad Ocubillo
Public Realm Plan Project Manager, City Design Group
SF Planning Department
(415) 575-9123

Seung-Yen Hong
Urban Designer, City Design Group
SF Planning Department
(415) 575-9026

Kelli Rudnick
22nd Street Green Connection Project Manager
SF Public Works
(415) 558-4489

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