California High Speed Rail in San Francisco

California High Speed Rail in San Francisco


In November 2008, the voters of California approved Proposition 1A to endorse the California High Speed Rail project and allow the state to issue bonds up to $9.95 billion to help fund the project. (Over 78% of San Francisco voters approved Proposition 1A, the highest percentage in the state). The completion of High Speed Rail into San Francisco is a critical project to meet the economic, mobility and environmental sustainability needs of the City and Bay Area. The first major phase of the system will provide service from San Francisco to Los Angeles, with some trains making the one-way trip in two hours and forty minutes. The alignment and construction details of the various geographic sub-sections of project are currently undergoing environmental review. San Francisco is part of the San Francisco-San Jose segment.

A multi-agency working group* from the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) is currently coordinating with the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) regarding planning for High Speed Rail service into San Francisco, including the alternatives to be considered in the upcoming Draft EIR/EIS for the SF-SJ segment. High Speed Rail will serve two termini in San Francisco: the new Transbay Transit Center is the primary terminus, and the existing 4th/King station is the secondary terminus.

In April 2010, CHSRA released its Preliminary Alternatives Analysis and in August 2010 released a Supplemental Alternatives Analysis for the SF-SJ section. Based on these reports, as well as ongoing communication between CCSF and CHSRA, CCSF has submitted several comment letters, which can be downloaded below.

Letters from City and County of San Francisco to the California High Speed Rail Authority

High speed train travelling past large wind turbinesspacerhigh speed train travelling across central valley of California

Schematic of SF Downtown transit centerspacerinterior concept of high speed train station



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*Agencies involved the working group include:

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