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Provides best practices and guidance from experts in funding, programming and maintaining successful public spaces  

Public Space Stewardship cover imageSAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco Planning has released the Public Space Stewardship Guide, a living document that provides community groups and city leaders with models, case studies and ready-to-use tools for funding, programming and maintaining a successful public space. 

“San Francisco is a leader in the public realm revolution,” said San Francisco Planning Director John Rahaim. “Parklets, plazas, Living Innovation Zones, and urban prototyping are transforming public spaces like never before. The Public Space Stewardship Guide is an invaluable resource for cities, neighborhood organizations, business owners, neighbors, and artists nationwide who want to activate and sustain successful public spaces.” 

Successful public spaces require funding, programming, and maintenance; and the most celebrated spaces need community partnerships to implement all three. However, cities and communities have historically lacked the resources to better understand, compare and budget for these essential elements of public space stewardship. The Public Space Stewardship Guide comes at an opportune moment as more neighborhood associations, non-profits and elected representatives seek to support public life in their own plazas, parks and neighborhood spaces.  

"Cities all over the country are developing new models for stewardship of emerging public spaces, such as parklets, plazas, night markets, and living alleys," said Street Plans Principal Mike Lydon. "Street Plans is incredibly excited to have worked with San Francisco Planning and MJM Management Group to produce this new resource. We hope the case studies highlight diverse approaches to public space management, and that the ready-to-use templates in the Guide will help stewards succeed in creating thriving public spaces in their communities."  

The Public Space Stewardship Guide is the result of a comprehensive research study of best practices and sustainable methods for public space stewardship nationwide. It presents 17 case studies organized around five models for sustainable public space stewardship: Event-Based Models, Grassroots Partnerships, Public/Private Partnerships, Self-Governing Special Assessment Districts, and Maintenance/Technical Assistance Partnerships. The guide introduces the models, illustrates them with case studies, and summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of each.  

The models provide a helpful framework for understanding each project, but many case studies integrate more than one model. Each case study has strengths and weaknesses unique to the objectives, funding and capacity of the stewarding organization or partnership. Case studies were selected to represent a range of organizations, space types, “use levels,” and budgets. The appendices in the document provide ready to-use tools, including a recommended outline for a public space management plan, maintenance plan templates, and a guide to funding sources which references additional case studies. 

As a living document, the Guide is expected to grow and evolve. Community organizations and cities worldwide are invited to find more information about the project, download the Public Space Stewardship Guide, and contribute public space success stories at  

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