Americans with Disabilities Act

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ADA sign

As a local government agency, the services and information of the San Francisco Planning Department should be accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. It is our policy to modify existing policies, practices and procedures when needed by a person with a disability in order to provide equal access to all San Francisco residents. In addition, our staff has an obligation to provide equally effective communication by ensuring that information transmitted through the department's publications, meetings or website are equally accessible and available to people that have visual, hearing, learning, or cognitive disabilities.

Disability Accommodations: If you need access to this website in an alternative format, please contact the department's ADA Coordinator, Candace SooHoo, at, or 415-575-9157.

If for any reason you feel that you didn't receive adequate service from the department, we encourage you to complete a complaint form.

Americans with Disabilities Act Complaint Form

Please complete and submit this form with any related documentation to the Mayor's Office on Disability.