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Thank you to everyone who participated in the Showplace Square Open Space Planning Process voting process. The polls closed January 15, 2010. We received 63 ballots, which were allowed up to three votes each. The results are as follows:


1. Norcal Traingle Site (7th and Berry) 42 votes
2. Daggett Street 29 votes
3. Carolina Street 28 votes
4. Wolfe’s Café Site 27 votes
5. Hooper Street 21 votes
6. Townsend Circle 18 votes
7. Arkansas Street 13 votes
8. Wisconsin Street 4 votes




Since April 2009, we’ve been working together to developing conceptual plans for a range of potential open space sites. All of these sites will be developed using public money - which is always a limited resource. As such, we need you, the community, to tell us which sites are your priorities. As money for construction becomes available, your votes will help us determine which sites will get constructed first.


About the Candidates

The final list of open space opportunity sites was determined with the community over the course of this planning process. We then developed a conceptual design for the eight finalists based on ongoing community input.

To help familiarize you with the proposed sites and what is being proposed, we’ve provided the following material, below:

  • A map of Showplace Square showing the location of the open space opportunity sites
  • A summary chart of all the sites, including a cost estimate for construction.
  • The conceptual design for each site.
  • An aerial photo of each site as it currently exists.

Arkansas StreetCarolina StreetWisconsin StreetHooper StreetDaggett StreetNorcal Triangle SiteTownsend CircleWolfe's Cafe Site 

Area Map with Opportunity Sites
1. Arkansas Street Existing site
2. Carolina Street Existing site
3. Wisconsin Street Existing site
4. Hooper Street Existing site
5. Daggett Street Existing site
6. Norcal Traingle Site (7th and Berry) Existing site
7. Townsend Circle Existing site
8. Wolfe’s Café Site Existing site


Download full Area Map with Opportunity Sites - PDF 13 MB

Download Site Summary Chart - PDF

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