Transportation Sustainability Program

Transportation Sustainability Program

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Keeping People Moving as Our City Grows

The Transportation Sustainability Program (TSP) seeks to improve and expand upon San Francisco’s transportation system to help accommodate new growth.  Smart planning and investment will help us arrive safer and more comfortably at our destinations now and in the future.  

The Association of Bay Area Governments projects that the City will add as many as 190,000 jobs and 100,000 homes by 2040. Much of this is already occurring – projects to create housing for up to 60,000 new people are currently under review or in construction. It is possible to grow smartly, but we must start now.
The Transportation Sustainability Program is comprised of the following three components: Enhance Transportation to Support Growth (Invest), Modernize Environmental Review (Align), and Encourage Sustainable Travel (Shift).


Invest: Transportation Sustainability Fee
Invest in our transportation network by having developers pay their fair share to help offset the growth created by their project.  (Signed into law November 2015)

AlignAlign: CEQA Reform
Change how the City analyzes impacts of new development on the transportation system under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) so that it better aligns with the City’s longstanding environmental policies, like reducing greenhouse gas emissions. (Adopted by the Planning Commission March 2016)

ShiftShift: Transportation Demand Management
Require new developments to provide on-site amenities that prioritize sustainable alternatives to driving. (Signed into law February 2017)

Project Team

The Transportation Sustainability Program is a joint effort between the San Francisco Planning Department, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority,  and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

Wade Wietgrefe, AICP
Principal Planner, San Francisco Planning

Rachel Schuett
Transportation Planner, San Francisco Planning

Carli Paine
TDM Manager, SFMTA

Warren Logan
Senior Transportation Planner, SFCTA