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818 SSO (SERVICE/SECONDARY OFFICE) DISTRICTS -- This district is designed to accommodate small scale light industrial, home and business service, arts activities, live/work uses, and small scale, professional office space and large-floor-plate "back office" space for sales and clerical work forces. Nighttime entertainment is permitted as a conditional use. Demolition or conversion of existing group housing or dwelling units require conditional use authorization.

Art. 8 USES -- Offices, retail, general commercial home, personal and business services, light industrial, institutional, cultural arts and artisan, live/work space, parking would be permitted as principal uses. Residential activities and nighttime entertainment uses would require conditional use approval.

Art. 2.5 HEIGHT AND BULK -- See Height and Bulk Zoning Maps and Standards in Article 2.5 of the City Planning Code. Top

124 FLOOR AREA RATIO LIMIT -- Properties within a 130-foot height limit would be permitted a 4.5 to 1 FAR, properties within a 65- or 80-foot height district would be permitted a 4:1 FAR; the FAR for all other properties would be 3.0:1. Exemptions from FAR limits include but are not limited to: residential space; floor area devoted to childcare facilities; and floor area devoted to live/work units when such floor area exceeds the basic FAR limit, subject to the limitations of Section 102.9(b)(19) of the Planning Code.

818.03 DWELLING UNIT DENSITY -- One dwelling unit per 200 feet of lot area.

134 REAR YARD -- A 25 percent rear yard would be required at the first level of residential use.

135 OPEN SPACE -- Open space would be required for all commercial and industrial uses, at the following ratios: one square foot of open space per 250 gross square feet of general commercial development, which includes retail, personal service, and wholesale trade space (1:250); 1:120 for home and business service space, manufacturing and light industrial space; and 1:90 for office space. Alternatively, the controls allow payment of an in-lieu fee at $.80 per square foot of required open space. Residences would be required 36 square feet of open space per unit. Top

151 PARKING -- Parking spaces for dwelling units could be compact car-sized; work space for architects and engineers are one parking space per 1,000 square feet of floor area (1:1000); SSO business offices have a 1:750 requirement; live/work units have a 1:2000 requirement.