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816 SLR (SERVICE/LIGHT INDUSTRIAL/RESIDENTIAL) DISTRICT -- The Service/Light Industrial/Residential (SLR) Mixed Use District is designed to maintain and facilitate the growth and expansion of small scale light industrial, home and business service, wholesale distribution, arts production and performance/exhibition activities, live/work use, general commercial and neighborhood-serving retail and personal service activities while protecting existing housing and encouraging the development of housing and live/work space at a scale and density compatible with the existing neighborhood. Top

Art. 8 USES -- Retail, general commercial, home, personal and business services, light industrial, institutional, cultural arts and artisan, live/work space, parking and residential activities would be permitted as principal uses. General office, hotels, nighttime entertainment, movie theaters, adult entertainment and heavy industrial uses are not permitted.

Art. 2.5 HEIGHT AND BULK -- Generally 65 or 50 feet and "X" bulk limit. See Height and Bulk Zoning Maps and Standards in Article 2.5 of the City Planning Code.

124 FLOOR AREA RATIO LIMIT -- The commercial/industrial FAR for the district would be 2.5:1. Exemptions from FAR limits include but are not limited to: floor area devoted to childcare facilities.

816.03 DWELLING UNIT DENSITY -- One dwelling unit per 200 feet of lot area. Top

134 REAR YARDS -- A 25 percent rear yard would be required at the first level of residential use.

135 OPEN SPACE -- Open space would be required for all commercial and industrial uses, at the following ratios: one square foot of open space per 250 gross square feet of general commercial development, which includes retail, personal service, and wholesale trade space (1:250); 1:120 for home and business service space, manufacturing and light industrial space; and 1:90 for office space. Alternatively, the controls allow payment of an in-lieu fee at $.80 per square foot of required open space. Residences would be required 36 square feet of open space per unit.

151 PARKING -- Parking spaces for dwelling units could be compact car-street; workspace for architects and engineers would require one parking space per 1,000 square feet of floor area (1:1000); artist and artisan production and performance spaces and live/work units would have a 1:2000 requirement. Top