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813 -- RED (RESIDENTIAL ENCLAVE) DISTRICT – Residential Enclave Districts (RED) encompass the clusters of low-scale, medium density, predominantly residential neighborhoods located along the narrow side streets of the South of Market SLR district. Within these predominantly residential enclaves lie a number of vacant parcels, parking lots and other properties in open storage use. These properties are undeveloped or underdeveloped and are viewed as opportunity sites for new, moderate-income, in-fill housing.

Art. 8 -- USES – Dwelling units are permitted as a principal use. Social services and institutional uses are permitted as conditional uses. Existing commercial activities in nonresidential structures may continue as nonconforming uses subject to the termination requirements of Sections 185 and 186.

803.4 -- USES NOT PERMITTED – Uses generally not permitted in any South of Market District: Adult entertainment, bookstore or theater; amusement game arcade or similar enterprise; shooting gallery; animal kennel, riding academy or livery stable; automobile, truck, van, recreational vehicle/trailer or camper sales, lease or rental; auto tow of inoperable vehicles; auto wrecking operation; drive-up facility; hotel, motel, hostel, inn, or bed and breakfast establishment; heavy industry subject to Sec 226(e)-(w); junkyard; landing field for aircraft; massage establishment; mortuary; movie theater and sports stadium or arena.

Art. 2.5 -- HEIGHT AND BULK – Generally 40-X (See Height and Bulk Zoning Maps and Standards in Article 2.5 of the City Planning Code.)

124 -- FLOOR AREA RATIO LIMIT - The commercial FAR for the district is 1:1.


813.03 -- DWELLING UNIT DENSITY – One unit per 400 square feet of lot area.

134 -- REAR YARDS – A rear yard of 25% of the lot depth would be required at the first level of residential use and above, or may be modified or waived as per Section 134(e).

135 -- OPEN SPACE – Open space would be required for all commercial and industrial uses, at the following ratios: one sq. ft. of open space per 250 gross sq. ft. of general commercial, which includes retail, eating or drinking establishments, personal service, wholesale, home and business service, arts activities, institutional and like uses (1:250); 1:120 for manufacturing and light industrial, storage without distribution facilities, and like uses; and 1:90 for office use. Residences would require 60 sq. ft. of open space.

151 -- PARKING - Parking spaces for dwelling units require one space for each dwelling unit; workspace for architects and engineers would require one parking space per 1,000 sq. ft. of floor area (1:1000); artist and artisan production and performance spaces would have a 1:2000 requirement.

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