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Residential Demolition Policies and Application Procedures

This page contains links to five documents regarding temporary residential demolition policies adopted by the City Planning Commission on December 11, 2003. These policies are expected to be in place for approximately six months, after which time they will be refined and brought back to the Commission for adoption of long-term policies.

The first item is the City Planning Commission Resolution 16700 which adopted findings by the Commission enacting a temporary policy requiring mandatory discretionary review of residential demolition applications not subject to conditional use. (See the Department's fee schedule for the fee for mandatory discretionary review.)

Second is the Dwelling Unit Removal form (demolition, merger or conversion), which requests information necessary for the processing of the demolition application and provides information to applicants regarding policy, criteria, procedures, and fee recovery.

Third is a handout on the required form and content of Soundness Reports that are used to establish the economic feasibility of repairing the existing structure rather than demolishing and replacing it.

Fourth is a Supplemental Form entitled "Historic Resource Evaluation Request". This form is required for buildings that are older than 50 years, to aid in California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) determinations for the proposed demolition.

Last is a form which advises applicant on "How to document a building's history."

Under requirements of the General Plan, the Department is predisposed to discourage the demolition of sound housing. If the structure proposed for demolition is determined to be sound, the applicant may be advised to consider a project that alters or enlarges, rather than demolishes and replaces, the sound building, unless the proposal meets a preponderance of other (non-soundness related) General Plan Objectives.