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Planning Code Sec.

206.3 RC-4 (RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL-COMBINED, HIGH-DENSITY) DISTRICTS -- These districts encourage a combination of high-density dwellings, with compatible commercial uses on the ground floor to protect and enhance neighborhoods with mixed use character.

209.1--209.9 PRINCIPAL USES -- Principal uses are permitted as a right without special review. These include dwelling units up to a maximum of one unit for each 200 square feet of lot area; child care for 12 or fewer; group housing with a maximum of one bedroom for each 70 square feet of lot area; retail sales, office and other retail-type services, except for auto-oriented uses, as permitted in C-2 Districts when located on the ground floor or below.

209.1--209.9 CONDITIONAL USES -- Conditional uses are permitted only after Planning Commission approval. They include hotel, apartment hotel, planned unit development (PUD) on site of at least one half acre; elementary school; secondary school; child care center for 13 or more children; post-secondary academic, religious or medical institution; board and care accommodating more than 6 persons; non-residential, non-industrial use in a designated landmark structure; parking lot; community garage and others. Top

253 MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE BUILDING HEIGHT -- 40 feet as a right; over 40 feet by conditional use up to height limit as shown on height and bulk map.

151 PARKING REQUIREMENTS -- Generally, one off-street parking space for each four dwelling units with exceptions. Every second space after four may be a compact car space. Commercial uses require parking and loading spaces as per Sections 151 and 152 of the City Planning Code.

134 YARD REQUIREMENTS -- An open rear yard depth equal to 25 percent of the lot depth but not less than 15 feet, at levels occupied by dwelling units.

135 USABLE OPEN SPACE REQUIREMENTS -- 36 square feet per dwelling unit if private; 1/3 more for any portion of usable open space which is common; 1/3 for group housing. Top

124 FLOOR AREA RATIO -- 4.8 to 1 (does not apply to dwellings).

606(c)(3) SIGNS -- Signs permitted only at ground story and flat against wall. Two square feet of sign for each one foot of frontage of business. No projecting signs permitted over setbacks or sidewalks.

243 & 249.5 SPECIAL USE DISTRICTS -- Much of the area zoned RC-4 is also in the Van Ness Avenue, North of Market or other Special Use district which may modify some of the rules summarized above. Top