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A New Leland Avenue | Merchant's Workshop
December 6, 2005; 6:00-8:00 pm
Visitacion Valley Branch Library

Summary of Public Comment

Leland Avenue merchants met with Planning Department staff and consultants on Tuesday, December 6th, 2005, at the Visitacion Valley Branch Library, to discuss their ideas for the redesign of Leland Avenue. Several merchants attended to give their input into the design process and see preliminary design concepts.

The merchants' ideas and concerns for Leland Avenue are summarized below.

  • Lighting: New street lighting is a high priority; there should be multiple lights on each block.

  • Plantings and street trees: Additional trees and greenery would be good. However, they should be easy to clean and maintain. For example, tree grates and tree grills could be used to keep out weeds and trash.

  • Street furniture: Street furniture elements such as benches and trash bins are needed. However, again, they should be easy to maintain. Benches should not encourage too much loitering or sleeping, and should be simple in design and materials. Trash cans should have small openings so people don't throw their household trash there. Street furniture should be located adjacent to the curb, not adjacent to buildings.

  • District identity: An identity marker or gateway element such as an arch is important at the intersection of Leland Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard. Banners on light posts could also be used to give seasonal identity to the district.

  • Traffic and pedestrian safety: Crosswalks should be improved and better marked; however, traffic is generally slow, so traffic calming devices would not be needed. The existing sidewalk condition is generally good; however, road needs re-paving.