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State Density Bonus Law
HOME-SF (Section 206.3)
Analyzed State Density Bonus Program (Section 206.5)
Individually Requested State Density Bonus Program (Section 206.6)

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February 14, 2017 Draft HOME-SF Program Legislation  
March 13, 2017 March 13th Draft HOME-SF Program Legislation

Board of Supervisors Land Use and Transportation Committee
Amendments made:

  1. Income levels served adjusted as follows:
    Rental BMR units offered at:
    55% AMI
    80% AMI
    110% AMI
    Ownership BMR units offered at:
    90% AMI
    120% AMI
    140% AMI
  2. Family-friendly amenities:
    Encourages the inclusion of 3+ bedroom units
  3. Enhances protections and options for existing commercial tenants
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May 8, 2017 May 8th Draft HOME-SF Program Legislation

Board of Supervisors Land Use and Transportation Committee
Amendments made:

  1. Fillmore and Divisadero NCT districts removed from the program
  2. Formula retail prohibited on any HOME-SF project that replaces a non-formula retail business
  3. Clarifies that all regulations in section 415 (Inclusionary Housing) of the Planning Code apply to HOME-SF units except:
    • Percentage requirement
      (HOME-SF is higher – 30% on-site)
    • That the qualifying income levels for the below-market-rate units available through the program are independently set
      10% at 90% of Area Median Income; 
      10% at 120% of Area Median Income; and
      10% at 140% of Area Median.  
      Rental units are set at
      10% at 55% of Area Median Income;
      10% at 80% of Area Median Income; and
      10% shall have an average affordable rent set at 110% Area Median Income. 
    • That the unit mix requirement shall be either
      (A) a minimum unit mix of at least 40% of all units as two bedroom units or larger; or
      (B) any unit mix which includes some three bedroom or larger units such that 50% of all bedrooms within the Local HOME-SF Project are provided in units with more than one bedroom.
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May 16, 2017 May 16th Draft HOME-SF Program Legislation

Full Board of Supervisors
Amendments made:

  1. Conforms State Analyzed hybrid program to contain same programmatic details as HOME-SF, with the exception of three requirements under state law (allows for up to 35% density bonus; different income level requirements; and affordability lasting up to 55 years)
  2. Removes Northeast quadrant area north of Polk Street and east of Van Ness Avenue, with exception of soft sites (defined as lots 12,500 square feet or more with existing structures that cover less than 20% of the zoned capacity), gas stations, parking lots, and banks – unless historic or eligible for historic registry/preservation.
  3. Clarifies that formula retail prohibition on ground floor does not apply to sites with existing fringe financial, self-storage, motel, automobile sales/rental, gas station, car wash, mortuaries, adult entertainment, massage, medical cannabis dispensary, and tobacco shop uses.
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May 23, 2017 May 23rd HOME-SF Program Legislation

Full Board of Supervisors
Amendments made:

  1. Affordability of ownership units revised to 80%/105%/130% of AMI to match Inclusionary Ordinance proposal
  2. Changes the distribution of HOME-SF units to
    12% at the lowest income tier
    9% at the middle tier
    9% at the highest income tier
  3. Specifies that HOME-SF would apply in District 9 until the Board of Supervisors directs the Planning Department to study the creation of an Area Plan in the District

The legislation, as amended, was passed with a vote of 10-1.

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June 6, 2017 Final Adopted HOME-SF Legislation (large file size)

Full Board of Supervisors

The legislation was passed on second read with a unanimous vote of 110.

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