Japantown Better Neighborhood Plan

cover image of Japantown Better Neighborhood Plan

San Francisco Planning Commission acknowledges the DRAFT Japantown Better Neighborhood Plan

After several years of analysis and community process, the Draft Plan was presented to the Planning Commission for acknowledgement on June 25, 2009. Prior to acknowledgement, Planning staff presented at two informational hearings at the Planning Commission, and two informational hearings at the Historic Preservation Commission.

The draft plan will continue to be revised and reworked with the community based on the acknowledgement resolution adopted by the Planning Commission. If you have not already read the draft plan, read it below. If you have ideas to offer, stay involved in the process.

You can review each chapter individually by clicking on the links below:

Japantown Better Neighborhood Plan

There are also a number of appendices referenced in the Japantown Better Neighborhood Plan. Click below to download them.

If you would like to purchase a hard copy of the Draft Plan, they are $40.00. Contact Maria Oropeza at the Planning Department (558-6307) or Bob Hamaguchi at Japantown Task Force (346-1239). We also have free CDs.


Click here for a printable copy of our Spring 2009 Newsletter.