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Meeting Minutes

Hearing Room 400

City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

12:30 P.M. 

Regular Meeting

_______________ __ __________

COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:  Chase, Damkroger, Hasz, Johns, Matsuda, Wolfram



STAFF IN ATTENDANCEJohn Rahaim – Planning Director, Devyani Jain, Pilar LaValley, Dan Sider, Joshua Switzky, Mary Brown, Tim Frye – Preservation Coordinator, and Linda Avery – Commission Secretary


SPEAKERSGee Gee Platt stated that Articles 10 & 11 amendments had been adopted at the Land Use Committee and would proceed to the full Board next Tuesday.  She urged the HPC to take an active role in getting the Commission’s point of view to all the Supervisors between now and then.


1.    Director’s Report

2.            Preservation Coordinator Frye gave a Review of Past Week’s Events at the Planning Commission (PC).

·         At April 26 hearing, PC voted to appoint Bordon, Antonini, and Moore to a sub-committee to work with the HPC sub-committee on the search for a new Commission Secretary.  Commission Secretary Ms. Avery would be involved in organizing the meetings of the two committees in the future.

·         At the same hearing, the PC reviewed and granted Conditional Use Authorization to the project at 601 Dolores Street, known as the Mission Congregational Church, for a proposed property conversion into a second campus for the Church’s children day school.  The Zoning Administrator granted a variance to eliminate the off-street parking requirement for the property.

·         On April 30, the Land Use Economic Development Committee reviewed the proposed amendments to Articles 10 & 11 of the Planning Code.  Supervisors Cohen and Wiener supported the adoption.  Supervisor Mar had a concern based on public testimony that more discussion was needed for the preservation community and voted against the adoption.  With the (+2-1) vote, the amendments would be forwarded to the full Board of Supervisors.


3.         President’s Report and Announcements - none

4.         Consideration of Adoption:

              a.        Draft minutes of the April 4, 2012 HPC/CPC Joint Hearing

              b.        Draft minutes of the April 4, 2012 Regular Hearing


ACTION:        Approved the April 4, 2012 HPC/CPC Joint Hearing and the April 4, 2012 Regular Hearing with correction – on Page 2, under No 5. Commissioner Comments/Questions, corrected to read “…report on the redevelopment plan for Dolores Park. and its large playground that is there now.

AYES:             Hasz, Johns, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

ABSENT:       Martinez

5.         Disclosures

Commissioners Matsuda, Wolfram, Johns, Damkroger, and Chase received emails from the Good News Presbyterian Church at 1984 Great Highway.

6.         Commissioner Comments/ Questions

Commissioner Wolfram asked when Articles 10 & 11 were going to the full Board and asked if somebody from the HPC would be present.  Mr. Frye responded that it would be on May 8th, and if adopted, the Planning Department would present an overview to the HPC on May 16th.

Commissioner Damkroger reminded everyone about the California Preservation Foundation Conference and the CLG training.


7.         2008.0762E                                                                         (D. JAIN: 415/575-9051)

CHINESE HOSPITAL DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REVIEW - The proposed project is located at 835-845 Jackson Street [Assessor’s Block/Lot 192/41]. The Chinese Hospital property, located in the Chinatown neighborhood at Jackson Street between Stockton and Powell Streets, consists of the approximately 43,368-gross-square-foot (gsf), 54-bed Chinese Hospital at 845 Jackson Street, built in 1979; the approximately 29,793-gsf Medical Administration Building (MAB) at 835 Jackson Street (the original Chinese Hospital, built in 1924); and the approximately 15,000-gsf Chinese Hospital Parking Garage, located directly behind the 1924 MAB.  These three buildings constitute the project site, an approximately 22,516-square-foot lot.  The Chinese Hospital Association is the project sponsor for this project.  The proposed project includes: 1) demolition of the 1924 MAB and the 41-space Chinese Hospital Parking Garage on the project site; 2) construction of a 54-bed, acute-care, 101,545-gsf, seven-story-plus-basement, 90.5-foot-tall (excluding 30-foot-tall mechanical penthouse above the roof) Replacement Hospital building with a new 22-bed skilled nursing facility on the sites of the demolished buildings on the eastern portion of the project site (an approximately 11, 526-square-foot area); 3) renovation of the existing on-site 1979 Chinese Hospital building at 845 Jackson Street to serve as a Medical Administration and Outpatient Center (MAOC); and 4) a proposal to create a Special Use District (SUD) for the proposed project to support the expansion of medical services on the project site (835-845 Jackson Street, APN 192/41) in the Chinatown Residential Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District.  The proposed Replacement Hospital building would be designed and constructed to fully comply with the requirements of Senate Bill 1953 for seismic safety of acute-care facilities.  The existing 1979 Chinese Hospital would remain in operation until the proposed Replacement Hospital is fully functional. The proposed project would be completed in two development phases over a four-year period between fall 2012 and winter 2015.  In addition to the proposed project, two variants are being considered by the project sponsor:  (1) The Off-Street Parking Variant would include the same development on the 835-845 Jackson Street project site as the proposed project; in addition, it would include off-street parking and an expanded engineering shop and storage space for Chinese Hospital at the existing Powell Street Parking Garage at 1140 Powell Street (APN 192/14).  The Powell Street Parking Garage is located on Powell Street between Washington and Jackson Streets to the west of the project site. Under the Off-Street Parking Variant (i.e. garage variant), Chinese Hospital Association (the project sponsor) may either purchase the Powell Street Parking Garage or lease space in the garage on a long-term basis; and (2) The Hospital Façade Design Variant would have a different design for the Replacement Hospital’s façade, compared to the proposed project; this variant would otherwise be identical in terms of development and building envelope to the proposed project.

The project site is in the Chinatown Residential and Neighborhood Commercial (CRNC) Zoning District and a 65-N Height and Bulk District. The proposed project would require General Plan referral, General Plan amendments, Planning Code text and Zoning Map amendments to reclassify height and bulk limits and establish SUD boundaries, among other project approvals.

The Draft EIR  concluded that implementation of the proposed project and its two variants would result in the following project-level and cumulative significant unavoidable environmental impacts: (1) Demolition of the original 1924 Chinese Hospital Building at 835 Jackson Street (i.e. 1924 MAB) under the proposed project would result in significant and unavoidable historic architectural resources impacts on an individual historic resource (the 1924 MAB) and on the NRHP/CRHR-eligible Chinatown historic district, both of which were identified as historic resources under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA); (2) Construction (i.e. design and development) of the proposed Replacement Hospital on the project site would result in a significant unavoidable historic architectural resources impact on the NRHP/CRHR-eligible Chinatown historic district; (3) Demolition of the 1924 MAB and construction of the Replacement Hospital under the proposed project would also result in a cumulatively considerable contribution to significant adverse impacts on the NRHP/CRHR-eligible Chinatown historic district; and (4) Construction of the proposed project would generate substantial levels of PM2.5 and other toxic air contaminants (TACs), including diesel particulate matter (DPM), that could substantially affect sensitive receptors and this would be a significant and unavoidable air quality-related health risk impact.

Preliminary Recommendation: The Historic Preservation Commission will discuss the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) to frame their written comments on the adequacy of the DEIR, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).


ACTION:        Directed staff to write a letter based on the comments by Commissioners Damkroger and Wolfram.  Commissioner Damkroger would assist in writing the letter.

AYES:             Hasz, John, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

ABSENT:       Martinez

Letter:             L0013

8.                                                    (D. SIDER/J. SWITZKY: 415/558-6697/ 415/575-6815)

TRANSFER OF DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS (TDR) IN C-3 DISTRICTS - Informational Presentation by Planning Department staff on the City’s TDR Program. This item was calendared at the Historic Preservation Commission’s request.

SPEAKERS:  [Unidentified Speaker] said the FAR set in 1985 was set for a reason, and asked what would be the environmental and social impact of exceeding the FARs; Gee Gee Platt gave suggestions on ways to keep track of certified TDRs; Mike Buhler - SF Heritage, encouraged the City to explore ways to increase transparency in the market in order for the public to understand and to better forecast new TDRs to the market.

 NOTE:           Director Rahaim answered question posed by the unidentified speaker on the environmental and social impact.  He stated the Downtown Plan adopted in the ‘80s assumed a certain amount of square footage to the building heights at that time. The Department has proposed additional heights and density for the area South of Market, known as the Transit Center District.  The full EIR was published last fall, and is in the final stage of completion.  The Planning Commission is scheduled to consider it on May 24, 2012.

Information only – no action required.

9.         2007.0558EMTZU                                                       (J. SWITZKY: 415/575-6815)

TRANSIT CENTER DISTRICT PLAN  - Informational Presentation  - Staff will provide a briefing on the Transit Center District Plan, including updates to the November 2009 Draft Plan and an overview of Plan recommendations in areas of land use, urban form, transportation, open space, historic resources, and funding for public infrastructure. This informational presentation is preparation for the Historic Preservation Commission to provide review and comment on the Draft Plan at its June 6, 2012 hearing and after the Planning Commission hearings in May 3, and May 24, 2012 to consider actions necessary to approve the Transit Center District Plan.

Information only – no action required.

9a.       2007.0558MTZU                                                       (P. LAVALLEY: 415/575-9084)

CONSIDERATION TO INITIATE A BOUNDARY CHANGE TO THE NEW MONTGOMERY–SECOND CONSERVATION DISTRICT to include twenty-six (26) additional properties, primarily along Mission, Natoma, and Howard Streets.  A requested expansion of the existing New Montgomery-Second Conservation District is recommended by the Planning Department in the Draft Transit Center District Plan and is supported by the Area Plan survey findings.  The existing New Montgomery-Second Conservation District is designated pursuant to Appendix F of Article 11 of the Planning Code.

SPEAKERS:  Anthony Poplawski, President of the Marine Firemen’s Union, stated that members of the Union opposed the designation of the building under Article 11 and opposed the addition of the building to the Landmark Designation Work Program.

ACTION:        Initiated the boundary change to the New Montgomery-Second Conservation District.

AYES:             Hasz, Johns, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

ABSENT:       Martinez


9b.       2007.0558MTZU                                                        (P. LAVALLEY 415/575-9084)

REQUEST TO INITIATE DESIGNATION AND CHANGE OF DESIGNATION PURSUANT TO PLANNING CODE SECTION 1106 - Planning Department request to initiate Designation of forty-three (43) properties; Categories I (Significant) through Category V (Unrated) and to initiate a change of designation for one property from Category III (Contributing) to Category IV (Contributing) as recommended in the Draft Transit Center District Plan and supported by the Area Plan survey findings. 


ACTION:        Initiated designation and change of designation

AYES:             Hasz, Johns, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

ABSENT:       Martinez


9c.       2007.0558MTZU                                                       (P. LAVALLEY: 415/575-9084)

CONSIDERATION TO ADD FOUR PROPERTIES TO THE LANDMARK DESIGNATION WORK PROGRAM - Planning Department request to add properties to the Landmark Designation Work Program based on the recommendations in the Draft Transit Center District Plan and supported by the Area Plan survey findings. The Department notified owners of four potential individual Landmarks regarding the proposed Work Program. If adopted, and based on the priorities set forth in the current Landmark Designation Work Program, the Department will proceed with additional research, documentation, and outreach in support of future Article 10 Landmark designations.


ACTION:        Approved adding four properties to the Landmark Designation Work Program

AYES:             Hasz, Johns, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

ABSENT:       Martinez


10.       2012.0490U                                                                  (M. BROWN: 415/575-9074)

OCEANSIDE HISTORIC RESOURCES SURVEY, Consideration to adopt, modify, or disapprove the findings of the historic survey. The community-sponsored survey is focused on buildings constructed prior to 1925 within the 75 square block survey area of the Oceanside neighborhood.  The survey consists of: evaluations for 57 individual properties; evaluations for five areas that contain significant groupings of historic buildings; narrative descriptions (without evaluations) of an additional 403 properties; and an updated Historic Context Statement. The general boundaries of the survey area are: Lincoln Avenue to the north; 37th Avenue to the northeast; Sloat Blvd. to the south; 45th Avenue to the southwest; and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Preliminary Recommendation: Adopt the Oceanside Historic Resources Survey

PRSENTERS:   Inge Horton, Chairperson of Sunset Parkside Education Action Committee  (SPEAK); Christopher VerPlanck

SPEAKERS in opposition of the survey adoption for property at 1984 Great Highway, known as the SF Korean Good News Presbyterian Church (Church): Gregory Wood and Douglas Robbins from O’Leary Wood Robbins Firm, represented the Church; Young Kim, Elder of the Church; Kwang Sun Kim, Pastor of the Church

SPEAKER:     [Zimm] Parker, Resident, spoke against the survey adoption for his own property

SPEAKERS in favor of adoption of the survey:  Gregg Miller, Resident and Property Owner; Mike Buhler, SF Heritage; Barbara Delaney, Resident of Sunset; Mike Donagan, Property Owner; Maryann Miller, Active member of SPEAK; Joe Butler, Architect of SF; Catherine Howard, Resident; Sue [Gresom], Resident

ACTION:        Adopted the Oceanside Historic Resources Survey

AYES:             Hasz, Johns, Matsuda, Wolfram, Chase

ABSENT:       Damkroger and Martinez

MOTION:       M0156


The minutes was proposed for adoption at the Regular Meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ACTION:           Approved

AYES:              Hasz, Johns, Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase


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