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Planning Code Change Summaries

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Recent Changes to the Planning Code

Below are summaries of recently adopted planning and land use legislation, and links to the adopted ordinances (beginning with most recent). For information on pending legislation, please contact the sponsoring entity or the Clerk of the Board. Please note that while there may be a delay between the effective date of legislation and the integration of that legislation into the online Planning Code, the Department is obligated to implement new legislation upon the effective date.


Board File #
Code Summary
Adopted Ordinance
12-0125 Mobile Food Facilities in R Districts with Institutional Uses
13-0677 Interim Controls for Upper Market NCT
11-1278 Art and Design Educational SUD
12-0901 and 12-0902 Upper Market Amendments
12-1065 New Lower Polk Alcohol RUD and Tobacco Paraphernalia Restrictions
12-1004 Market Street Masonry Historic District
13-0018 Deleting the Subset Provision Excelsior Alcohol RUD
13-0042 Medical Service Use Sacramento NCD
12-1162 Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program
13-0284 Small Business Month
13-0062 Annual Code Corrections
12-0900 Voluntary Car Share Spaces
12-0352 Admin Code Housing Preservation Production
09-1165 Parking Controls in District 3
12-0880 Personal Service Valencia NCT
12-0774 Active Frontage Height Bonus Castro and 24th Noe NCD
13-0647 Prop C Housing Trust Fund Charter Amendment
12-0464 Threshold for Application of Inclusionary Housing
12-1033 LCCUs in RTO-M Districts
12-0996 Efficiency Dwelling Units: Numerical Cap and Open & Common Space Requirements
12-0882 Administrative Code - Housing Trust Fund Monitoring Reports
12-0816 Port Pre-Payment of Jobs-Housing Linkage Fee
12-0773 Reinstating Liquor Controls and Establishing CU Requirement for Limited Restaurants in Union Street NCD

Transit Center District Plan
12-0631 Parking Tax Simplification for Residential Properties
12-0528 Mills Act Contracts and Fee Reduction
12-0523 Transit Impact Development Fee Update
LCCUs, LCUs, Bike Parking, Automobile Service Station Conversions, and Clerical Modifications
12-0353 19th Avenue – Mechanical Carwashes
12-0241 Outer Sunset and Parkside Named NCDs
12-0220 Signage Requirements for Privately-owned Public Open Spaces
12-0188 Small Business Month May 2012 – Planning, Building Codes - Fee Waiver
12-0047 Adding Financial Services as Formula Retail
11-1374 Student Housing
11-1337 Extension of Time for Legitimization of Existing Nonconforming Uses in the Eastern Neighborhoods
11-1305 Glen Park Neighborhood Commercial Transit District (Glen Park NCT)
11-1247 Five Foot Height Bonus on Certain NC Districts in the Richmond District
11-1078 India Basin Industrial Park Special Use District Amendment
11-0853 New Planning Code Public Artworks Requirement
11-0786 Eastern Neighborhoods Code Cleanup
11-0785 Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings
11-0767 Mission Alcohol Restricted Alcohol Use District
11-0592 Inner Clement, Outer Clement and Geary Neighborhood Commercial Controls
11-0590 Reconstruction of Buildings or Uses Damaged or Destroyed by Calamity, Fire or Acts of God
11-0506 Limited Live Performance Permit for Indoor Locales
11-0482 Miscellaneous Technical Amendments
11-0448 City Center Special Sign District
11-0277 Vintage Sign Controls
11-0070 Upper Fillmore NCD
11-0024 Correction to Market and Octavia Area Plan Zoning
11-0010 Active Use on Certain Fillmore & Upper Market Properties
11-0009 Area Plan Fee Waiver Criteria for Affordable Housing
10-1537 Urban Agriculture
10-1523 Development Impact and In-Lieu Fees
10-1464 Upper Market Neighborhood Commercial District Controls
10-1445 Banners on the Path of Gold
10-1351 New Regulations for Street Food (a.k.a. Mobile Food Facilities)
10-1350 Parking in SoMa
10-1313 Bayshore Boulevard Home Improvement Special Use District
10-1247 The Visitacion Valley Community Facilities and Infrastructure Fee and Fund
10-1200 Section 128: Transfer of Development Rights
10-1194 Pedestrian and Streetscape Improvements (Better Streets Plan)
10-1095 Affordable Housing Exemption for Qualified Student Housing
10-1094 Child Care Feasibility Study
10-1091 Notice Requirement for “Other Entertainment” in the Van Ness Avenue SUD
10-1057 Health Care Services Master Plan
10-1053 Consistent Street Frontages II
10-0917 Area Plan Impact Fee and Jobs-Housing Linkage Program Modifications
10-0829 Car-Share Controls
10-0804 Child Care Facilities
10-0434 Castro Street NCD – Eating & Drinking Uses
10-0047 Affordable Housing Controls
10-0046 Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program Section 415
10-0041 Personal Wireless Service Facility Site Permits and Associated Fees
Integrating the Market and Octavia Plan Level Historic Preservation Survey into the Market and Octavia Plan
09-1453 Green Landscaping Ordinance
Development Stimulus & Fee Reform
09-1271 Street Frontages For Most Districts
09-1209 Interim Zoning Controls for the Bayshore Corridor
09-1208 Noe-24th Street NCD – Eating & Drinking Uses
09-1165 Off-Street Residential Parking & Garage Requirements in District 3
09-1053 Voluntary Soft-Story Seismic Upgrades on Wood-Frame Buildings
09-0963 Tobacco Paraphernalia Establishments on Polk Street
09-0962 Change in Definition of Tobacco Paraphernalia Establishments & Changes to T.P.E’s Within the Polk Street NCD
09-0906 Double-Density Bonus: Sections 209.1(m) & (n) & 102.6(1)
09-0867 Planning Code Amendment Related to the San Francisco Bicycle Plan
09-0554 Building Code: Vacant & Abandoned Buildings
09-0523 Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee
09-0420 India Basin Industrial Park Rezoning and New SUD
09-0402 New Massage Controls
09-0392 Amendment to Planning Code Section 309.1: Height Modifications in Downtown Residential (DTR) Districts
09-0319 5’ Height Exception for Ground Floor Commercial Uses in NC-1 Parcels in District 11
09-0274 Union Street NCD: Small Self-Service Restaurants and/or Specialty Food, Self-Service Uses
09-0141 Haight Street NCD & Lower Haight Street Tobacco Paraphernalia Restricted Use District: Tobacco Paraphernalia Establishments
09-0026 Amendments to Building Code Section 109A Certificates of Completion & Occupancy and Amendments to Planning Code Section 359 Payment of Fees Prior to Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy
08-1620 2008 Ordinance to Correct Inadvertent Errors in the Planning Code
08-1564 Regulate the Conversion of Large Tourist Hotel Rooms into Condominiums
08-1504 Amendments to Planning Code Sections 803.4 and 815: Massage Services in South of Market Residential/Service Mixed Use District
08-1249 315.6: Affordable Housing Requirements - In Lieu Fees Being Set Aside for Small-Site Rehabilitation of Buildings
08-1247 Conditional Use Authorization for New Development in Bernal South Slope
08-1234 Chinatown: Formula Retail Regulations
08-1232 Formula Retail CU in RC-4 Districts (Van Ness Avenue)
08-1100 Amendments Relating to Allowing a Five-Foot Height Bonus for Active Ground Floor Uses for Certain Parcels along Mission Street and Minor Revisions to Section 263.20
08-1004 Interim Controls on Major Rights of Way Along & Near the Southern 19th Avenue Corridor
08-1002 Amendments relating to Violations of Provisions Relating to General Advertising Signs
08-0934 Amendments relating to the San Francisco Health Code, the Building Code and the Mechanical Code to require special ventilation for residential development in “Potential Roadway Exposure Zones”
08-0883 Creating the New Mission-Harrington Special Use District
08-0696 Article 7 Eating & Drinking Definitions & North Beach NCD Controls
08-0282 Section 315.5 - Off-Site Affordable Housing Requirements
08-0232 Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Permit Deadline
08-0210 Section 317 - Loss of Dwelling Units through Merger, Conversion, and Demolition
08-0156 Conditional Use for Specified Educational Services in Western SoMa
08-0095 Requirements for Off-Street Parking & Loading
08-0065 Interim Moratorium on Enterprises that Sell Tobacco Paraphernalia
07-1674 North Beach Height Clarification
07-1669 Section 719 – Haight Street NCD Full-Service Restaurants
07-1651 Administrative Penalties
07-1564 Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Project Area C Interim Controls
07-1534 Interim Moratorium on Institutional Uses in the Western SoMa
07-1531 New Fringe Financial Restricted Use District in the Excelsior
07-1528 41-F Administration Code: Large Tourist Hotel Conversion Ordinance
07-1464 Section 785 – Excelsior Alcohol Restricted Use District
07-1216 Wind Turbine Height Exemption in Bernal Heights SUD
07-1122 Interim Zoning Controls Requiring CU for New Development in the Bernal Heights Brewster/Joy Neighborhood
07-0851 Polk Street NCD – Non-Residential Use Size Change
07-0738 Inner Clement NCD – 3 New Full-Service Restaurants & Wine/Beer Bars
07-0678 Revisions to the Institutional Master Plan & Health Planner Review
07-0671 Fringe Financial Legislation Summary
07-0617 Article 7 - Grocery & Liquor Stores Definition Change



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