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Public Hearings 

June16, 2011 - correction

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Notice of Meeting



Commission Chambers - Room 400

City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

Thursday, June 16, 2011

12:00 PM

Regular Meeting


President: Christina R. Olague

Vice-President:  Ron Miguel

                        Commissioners: Michael J. Antonini; Gwyneth Borden; Rodney Fong; Kathrin Moore;

Hisashi Sugaya


Commission Secretary: Linda D. Avery


G.                 REGULAR CALENDAR 


5:30 P.M.


13.                                                                                         (K. DISCHINGER: (415) 558-6284)

MARKET AND OCTAVIA MONITORING REPORT FOLLOW UP HEARING - members of the Market and Octavia Community Advisory Committee (CAC) will follow up on key issues identified and discussed in the Market/Octavia Plan Community Advisory Committee’s Supplemental Report. Staff will be available to respond to questions and comments.

Preliminary Recommendation: Informational item, no action requested.

(Continued from the Regular Meeting of June 2, 2011)


13.        2011.0105T                                                               (K. DISCHINGER: (415) 558-6284)

AMENDING PLANNING CODE INCLUSIONARY HOUSING CONTROLS TO ADD NEW ALTERNATIVE IN MARKET AND OCTAVIA PLAN AREA  [BOS FILE NO. 11-0085] - Hearing of a proposed Ordinance that would amend the San Francisco Planning Code by amending Section 415.5 to provide for a new land dedication alternative in the Market and Octavia Plan Area in lieu of payment of the Affordable Housing Fee; and adding Section 415.10 to provide for the requirements of such landdedication; and making various findings including environmental findings, Planning Code Section 101 and 302 findings, and General Plan consistency findings.  The Commission will consider the proposed Ordinance, introduced by Supervisor Dufty, which would amend the Planning Code as described with additional modifications as recommended by the Planning Department.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Modifications


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