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February 18, 2004

                                                        FINAL ACTION MINUTES

                                                                       OF THE

                                                              SAN FRANCISCO



                                                                     CITY HALL


FEBRUARY 18, 2004

















Neil Hart,



i        Reminded the Board to complete and turn in their Statement of Economic Interest forms, due April 1st.

i        The Article 10 Advisory Committee will make a presentation before the Planning Commission on February 26, 2004.

i        Gave a status report on the Jewish Museum (Jessie StreetSubstation). Note:  President Kelley asked Staff to investigate procedures for delisting the Jessie StreetSubstation as a city landmark.


                        2.         PRESIDENT'S REPORT AND ANNOUNCEMENTS


Tim Kelley:

                                                                        i        In reference to a news article on the Jewish Museum, President Kelley asked staff to report back on the status of Jewish Museum program at the next hearing.


                          3.        MATTERS OF THE BOARD


                                                            Paul Finwall:

                                                                        i        Requested status on the Fillmore StreetSubstation.

                                                                        i        Announced that he, along with Member Skrondal, sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi and the Board of Supervisors regarding the ParksideSchool.


Tape No(s).: 1a




n   Landmark Designation(s)


                                                                                                          4.            2003.1250L                                                                   (T. TAM: 415/558-6325)

1201 ORTEGA AVENUE, The Infant Shelter/San Francisco Conservatory of Music, southwest corner of Ortega Street and 19th Avenue, Assessor's Block 2115, Lot 37. The building was constructed in 1928.   It is zoned RH-2 (Residential, House, Two-Family) District and is in a 40-X Height and Bulk District.  Consideration to initiate landmark designation, adopt a resolution initiating and recommending landmark designation to the Planning Commission, the Infant Shelter/San Francisco Conservatory of Music as Landmark No. 242.

Preliminary Recommendation:  Adopt resolution supporting landmark designation


                   Speaker(s):    Roy Jarl


                        Board Comments

                        and Actions:

i        There was a request for this item to be continued.  Vice President Skrondal moved (seconded by Dearman) to approve continuance to April 21, 2004.  The vote was unanimous (Cherny, Dearman, Finwall, Kelley, Shatara and Skrondal) -  Absent:  Ho-Belli, Kotas and Samuels.


n   Landmark Designation and Mills Act Contract


                                                                                                          5. 2003.0584LU                                                             (A. LIGHT: 415/558-6254)

690 MARKET STREET, north side at northeast corner of Kearny and Geary Streets. Assessor's Block 311, Lot 6. Request for recommendation to the Planning Commission for approval of a conditional designation as San Francisco Landmark No. 243, and a recommendation to the Planning Commission for conditional approval of a Mills Act Contract for the subject sixteen-story, brick, sandstone and terracotta office building, which is in the C-3-O Zoning District and a 250-S Height and Bulk District.  (Note:  Item is continued from the February 4, 2004 Landmarks Board Hearing.)


The proposal is to:


1)         Seismically upgrade the subject 16-story office building (The Old Chronicle Building), which would include infilling a large light well at the rear of the building that is not visible from any public right-of-way;

2)         Restore the historic building façade by removing a non-historic metal, glass and marble cladding system installed in 1962 and rehabilitation/restoring/ reconstructing intact, damaged and missing historic façade features;

3)         Construct an eight-story vertical addition that will result in a building height of approximately 312 feet;

4)         Convert the existing office building use to a mixed-use project that would have at least 40, but up to 64 residential dwelling units, at least 49, but up to 73 hotel time-share units (for a total 113 hotel and residential unit mix), approximately 6,500 square feet of ground level retail space, replacing an existing retail bank, and creating a sub grade parking structure, that given the irregular floor plate shape and placement of support columns would yield a maximum of 29 independently-accessible parking spaces and two loading spaces on the project site with the capability of providing up to 100 valet and vehicle-stacking spaces in place of the 31 independent spaces.  The new parking facility would be accessed through an existing sub grade garage facility at the adjacent 88 Kearny Street property, thereby not requiring a garage entrance at the ground level of the subject 690 Market Street property;

5)         The Project Sponsors are proposing to meet the Below Market Rate (BMR) housing requirement by constructing the required BMR units off-site at 938 Market Street, a companion project that is also seeking (2003.0587HXVLU);

6)         The Project Sponsors are seeking to avail themselves of the Mills Act, which allows local governments to grant property tax relief benefits in exchange for the guaranteed preservation of a historic property.  In order to qualify under the San Francisco Administrative Code, the property must either be designated as a San Francisco Landmark or listed separately on the National Register.  As neither condition is the case with the subject property, the project sponsor is seeking conditional San Francisco landmark status.  The proposed Landmark Designation would become final upon the completion of the proposed project consistent with the Rehabilitation Program set forth by the proposed Mills Act contract.


The Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board will consider the following three actions:

1.         Adoption of a resolution with findings related to landmark initiation and a recommendation of approval of a conditional landmark designation of the subject property, contingent upon the successful restoration of the historic façade to the Planning Commission.

2.         Adoption of a resolution with findings regarding the consistency of a proposed eight-story addition to the subject property with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation of Historic Structures to the Planning Commission.

3.         Adoption of a resolution with findings recommending the conditional approval of the Mills Act Historical Property agreement, rehabilitation program and maintenance for the subject property to the Planning Commission. 

Preliminary Recommendation:  Approval with Conditions


                        Speaker(s):    Jay Turnbull

                                                Mary Murphy

                                                Archie Green

                                                Katherine Powell

                                                Charles Bloszies

                                                John Wiezack

                                                Jim Hunter


                        Board Comments

                        and Actions:

i        After hearing public comments, the Landmarks Board actions were as follows:


4        At the February 4, 2004hearing, the Landmarks Board required revisions to statements contained in the draft Landmarks Designation Report, which included the addition of a section addressing labor history associated with the subject building.

4        The Landmarks Board commented that the required additional section on labor history was not included; also, that the historic elevator mechanical penthouse above the roof level of the 16th story should also be described in the designation report.  The Landmarks Board requested that a condition of approval be added to the resolution that the Project Sponsor would complete the section on labor history and add a description on the elevator penthouse in the designation report.  The Landmarks Board requested that the final landmark designation come back to them for approval before the issuance of a site permit by the Planning Department.

4        The Landmarks Board found that the building would be eligible for National Register listing based on Criteria A, B and C.

4        The Landmarks Board determined that the proposed restoration project would comply with a reasonable interpretation of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Restoration, including compliance with the proposed Rehabilitation Program as revised by the Landmarks Board.

4        The Landmarks Board reviewed and endorsed that description, location and boundary of the building site as 690 Market Street, encompassing all of and limited to Lot06 in Assessor’s Block 311.

4        The Landmarks Board acknowledged that the status of the building as the city’s first steel-frame skyscraper, justify its designation as a local landmark.

4        The Landmarks Board imposed another condition of approval requesting the Zoning Administrator to confer with Department staff and the Landmarks Board before making a final determination that the restoration work is in compliance with the approval of Rehabilitation Program.

4        The Landmarks Board reviewed and endorsed particular features of the proposed landmark that should be preserved, once uncovered and restored by the propose project.

4        It was moved by Vice President Skrondal (seconded by Dearman) to recommend to the Planning Commission approval of a conditional landmark designation of 690 Market Street, the Old Chronicle Building, Assessor’s Block 311, Lot 6, as Landmark No. 243, contingent on the complete removal of the non-historic curtain wall and storefront identified in the Resolution and the Old Chronicle Building Landmark Designation Report, and the restoration of the historic façade, as indicated in the resolution and with the conditions of approval.  The vote was unanimous (Cherny, Dearman, Finwall, Kelley, Shatara and Skrondal)  Absent:  Ho-Belli, Kotas and Samuels.

4        It was moved by Member Dearman (seconded by Finwall) to recommend to the Planning Commission, recommending  that the proposed eight-to-thirteen story vertical addition to the existing roof levels for the conditional landmark at 690 Market Street, the Old Chronicle Building, Assessor’s Block 311, Lot 6, meets a broad interpretation of the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation.  The vote was unanimous (Cherny, Dearman, Finwall, Kelley and Shatara) Absent:  Ho-Belli, Kotas, Samuels and Skrondal.

4        It was moved by Member Finwall (seconded by Dearman) to adopt the resolution recommending to the Planning Commission conditional approval of the Mills Act Historic Property Agreement, Rehabilitation Program, and Maintenance Plan, with the recommended conditions of approval of 690 Market Street, the Old Chronicle Building, contingent on the Board of Supervisors granting final conditional landmark status of 690 Market Street, the Old Chronicle Building.  The vote was unanimous (Cherny, Dearman, Finwall, Kelley and Skrondal) Absent:  Ho-Belli, Kotas, Samuels and Shatara.

Tape No(s).: 1a, b & 2a






ROLL CALL:   Chair:                                      Jeremy Kotas

Ex-Officio:                               Tim Kelley

Committee Members:                         Ina Dearman, Paul Finwall, Elizabeth Skrondal











Adopted:  June 2, 2004



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