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Meeting Minutes


Hearing Room 400

City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

Wednesday, December 1, 2010



12:30 P.M. 




Regular Meeting





COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:         Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda,  Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

COMMISSIONER ABSENT:             Buckley




STAFF IN ATTENDANCEJohn Rahaim - Planning Director, Tim Frye – Acting Preservation Coordinator, Tina Tam, Chelsea Fordham, Aaron Starr, Moses Corrette, Tara Sullivan, and Linda Avery –  Commission Secretary







SPEAKERS:  Gee Gee Platt - 1) announced that there is a CEQA Workshop on Friday, 12/10/10, cosponsored by California Preservation Foundation and SF Heritage at SPUR; 2) asked the HPC to look into whether the on-going design and construction of Ghirardelli Square was one that was approved by the HPC or Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board; Bradley Wiedmeir – 1) He did not see 2nd and Stewart Streets Waterfront Historic District being listed in any Planning Department’s (Department) area; 2) The 165 year old Jasper-O’Farrell Streets view corridor is endangered in North Beach by the proposed 701 Lombard Street Project (the North Beach Library Project).  The four most important views closest to the Project are excluded from the DEIR.  It may be necessary to consider land-marking these views to protect the historic view corridor.




1.         Proposed legislation to install banners on the “Path of Gold” lampposts, Landmark No. 200.


Tim Frye, Acting Preservation Coordinator                                                         

“Path of Gold” Lampposts, Landmark No. 200 – The Department received from the City Clerk the proposed ordinance for banner installation along the “Path of Gold” lampposts.  The Department is reviewing the ordinance and will represent the case and recommendation to the HPC at the next hearing on December 15, 2010.

SPEAKERS:         Peter Lewis – Considering the “Path of Gold” is City Landmark

            200, Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association is strongly against having permanent signage on the “Path of Gold.”  There is evidence showing that the steel brackets used to put up the banners cause rust damage on the lampposts; Marius Starkey – Resident of the Dolores and Market area can view the posts outside his window stated there are about 10-15 brackets attached to the posts from past times.  These brackets collect water and the posts are rusted down the sides.  Something has to be done to preserve these lampposts; Lucia Bogatay, served on the Mayor’s Advisory Committee for Upper Market Street Beautification stated that the “Path of Gold” lampposts are a citywide resource.  It should not be hijacked by one out of the 12 or 15 neighborhoods.  It would set a terrible precedence for the other nine streets with historic lampposts where banners are prohibited.  She feels this ordinance is like an end run favoring one community at the expense of all others and resources; Michael Levin described the lampposts as having a unique design for three purposes – they are a work of art, they are to provide light, and they support the utility wires for the transit that was implemented after the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, and later for buses.  These lampposts are official city landmarks and should be treated like any official landmark. They are not put up to support banners permanently.




2.         President’s Report and Announcements


President Chase:

He has received correspondence from the Brandt Hawley Law Group regarding 1338 Filbert Street and asked staff to respond to the concerns voiced in the letter.

He and Commissioner Damkroger formulated a letter to the Park’s Commission to express HPC concerns and asked for the deferral of the new lease agreement on the Stow Lake Boathouse since that action would affect changes to the character defining features of the building.

He said Happy Birthday to Ms. Avery and expressed appreciation and respect for her hard work for the HPC.


3.         Minor Permits to Alter

            a.         785 Market Street

            b.         120 Ellis (aka 101 Powell Street)

            c.         200 Bush Street (aka 115 Sansome Street)

            d.         340 Stockton Street


ACTION:  There were no expressed comments or concerns by the public or commissioners


4.         Draft letter to property owner regarding the outstanding violations at 900 Innes.  The subject building is the Shipwright’s Cottage, City Landmark No. 250.


Tim Frye, Acting Preservation Coordinator, contacted Mr. Lau from Super-visor Maxwell’s Office.  He conveyed that discussion on this matter will not be in the near future because of a two week recess and Supervisor Maxwell’s tenure ends this year.  The Office supports the HPC to draft the letter to keep the issue in the forefront of people’s mind and to keep the new Supervisor abreast of the issues.


SPEAKERS:   Jill Fox asked the owner to respect the neighbors and to provide basic repairs that any property owner is expected to do to protect the structure, weatherize the roof, paint the door and trim the tree; Michael Hamman asked the HPC to do something to protect this Shipwright’s Cottage.  His neighborhood association had offered to repair the roof for free twice but the owner refused the offer.  They have complained repeatedly to City Officials but nothing has happened; Gee Gee Platt supported the previous two speakers and asked that action be taken at various levels, including placing a lien on the property.


 Commissioner Damkroger would like HPC to craft a letter to include all pertinent facts to make a strong statement and direct the letter to the Department of Building and Inspection, the future Supervisor, and the property owner.  Commissioner Chase asked staff what the role of the Planning Department is in enforcing other than code enforcement since it has not resulted in any change in the property status.  Commissioner Hasz volunteered to write the letter with Mr. Frye.  Commissioner Buckley was included in this task.


NOTE: This item was read into the record to be heard before Item 1 under Matters of the Commission.


5.         Disclosures

Commissioner Damkroger spoke with Peter Lewis regarding the lampposts; and spoke with the representative of the Townsend Street Association about the SOMA Historic Resources Survey, which is item 10 on today’s agenda.

Commission Chase received phone calls from property owners in the South of Market Area and his attorney about deferral of Item 10.


6.         Commissioner’s Comments/Questions

Commissioner Wolfram requested to defer Item 10.

Commissioner Damkroger asked whether the HPC is going to have a holiday party.  Commissioner Chase suggested December 15th after the HPC hearing.  Ms. Avery would check to see if there’s a 15-day notice requirement

Commissioner Hasz asked that about the outreach for the Mills Act to 2080 Washington Street to property owners.


SPEAKER:  Gee Gee Platt warned HPC and staff to use this outreach approach to the property owners with care.




7.         2009.0827A                                                                          (A. Starr: 415/558-6362)

126 – 27th AVENUE, east side between El Camino Del Mar and Lake Street. Assessor’s Block 1332 Lot 049 & 050 - Request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to convert the existing noncontributing garage structure at the rear of the lot into a residential unit and enlarge the garage structure by approximately 129 sq. ft. for City Landmark # 196.  The subject property is located within an RH-1 (Residential, House, Single-Family) Zoning District and 40-X Height and Bulk District.

Preliminary Recommendation:  Approval


NOTE:               This item was removed from Consent Calendar by Project Sponsor and was heard as a regular item.

PRESENTER:   Amy Adamson – Representing the Project Sponsor

SPEAKERS:      None

ACTION:            Approved with comment from Commission Martinez to tag the project as exemplary for its modest and low key design approach for turning a rear yard garage of a landmark to a residence.

AYES:                Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

ABSENT:           Buckley

MOTION NO:    M0094




8.                                                                                                       (T. Frye: 415/575.6822)

            130 SUTTER STREET, Assessor's Block 0288, Lot 030, north side between Montgomery and Kearny Streets.  Informational Presentation regarding emergency repairs required by the Department of Building Inspection and subsequent rehabilitation of the Sutter Street façade. The subject building is the Hallidie Building, San Francisco Landmark No. 37 and a Category I Building under Article 11 of the Planning Code.  The site is zoned C-3-O (Downtown, Office) District and is in an 80-130-F Height and Bulk District.


PRESENTER:   Elisa Skaggs – Page and Turnbull; Annie Lo – McGinnis Chen Associates; Bruce Albert – Structural Engineer

SPEAKERS:      Gee Gee Platt and Bradley Wiedmeir

ACTION:            Information only – No action required


9.                                                        (T. Tam: 415/558.6325 / C. Fordham: 415/575.9071)

            5400 GEARY BOULEVARD, Assessor's Block 1450, Lot 008, north side between Montgomery and Kearny Streets.  Informational Presentation on the proposed Planned Unit Development (PUD) including adaptive reuse of the Alexandria Theatre building and construction of a new mixed-use building and subsurface parking on the adjacent parking lot.  The subject building has been identified as a historic resource for the purposes of CEQA.  The project site is located in the NC-3 (Neighborhood Commercial, Moderate Scale) Zoning District and 40-X Height and Bulk District in the Inner Richmond neighborhood


SPEAKERS:      None

ACTION:            Without hearing, continued to January 19, 2011

AYES:                Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

ABSENT:           Buckley


10.       2010.0486U                                                                    (M. Corrette: 415/558.6295)

SOMA HISTORIC RESOURCES SURVEY, Consideration to adopt, modify, or disapprove the findings of the historic resource survey. The survey consists of: a Historic Context Statement (previously adopted); Primary Records (DPR 523A forms), Building Structure and Object Records, (DPR 523B forms), District Records (DPR 523D forms) and comprehensive Survey Inventory Database.  The survey area includes approximately 60 blocks and covers the Eastern Neighborhoods East SoMa Area Plan and the Western SoMa Community Plan. The general boundaries of the survey area are Mission and Folsom Streets to the north; Bryant and Townsend Streets to the south, The Embarcadero to the east, and 13th and 7th Streets to the west.

Preliminary Recommendation: Adopt the SoMa Historic Resources Survey Primary Re cords (DPR 523A forms); Building Structure and Object Records, (DPR 523B forms), District Records (DPR 523D forms) and Survey Inventory Database.

RECUSED:        Commissioner Martinez

SPEAKERS in favor of the Adoption:  Jim Lucas – SF Bay Area Greek Historical Society; Karen Carpenter – Resident and President of the 100 Block of Langton Watch Association; Un-named Speaker; Mike Buhler – SF Heritage; Tim Kelley – Historian and Preservation Consultant; Scott Kuiper – Member of the Western SoMa Task Force speaking for himself;

SPEAKERS in opposition to the Adoption:  Victoria Kennedy – Kidson Land Company; Tim Colen – SF Housing Action Coalition; Andrew Gregg for Raymond Brigante.

SPEAKERS with other concerns: Jeff White – SF Redevelopment Agency; Sharon Christine – Mercy Housing Non-Profit Housing Developer; [Wesey Chraudreat] – SF Unified School District; [Gadis Beyancus] – Architect; Bradley Wiedmeir.

NOTE:               Planning Director Rahaim addressed some concerns that the public raised: 1) When the surveys and the plan areas are done, staff was directed to do a comparison of the proposed districts and landmarks to the plan area recommendations, or the recently adopted plan zoning to understand the potential on development capacity.  In most cases, there is little impact because the planning process essentially anticipates areas that are obviously potential districts.  The map shows that in the larger development sites most of the development capacity in the areas is outside of the proposed district; 2) Related to the EIR that was done, it did anticipate the designation districts which may be larger than what was actually proposed; 3) The Department can certainly address how to make conceivable changes in the future, given the size and scope of these surveys.  Commissioner Chase asked staff how peer reviews for the survey were done; what is the process and steps for corrections and additions to the survey; and how the public might find out the availability of information on further studies of some 260 properties.

ACTION:            Continued to January 19, 2011 and pubic hearing remains open.

AYES:                Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

ABSENT:          Buckley


11.       2010.0080T                                                                     (T. Sullivan: 415/558-6257)

Amendments to the Planning Code, including but not limited to Sections 121.2, 136.1, 151, 185, 186, 201, 204.2, 205, 205.1, 205.3, 207.2, 209.3, 209.8, 217, 249, 303, 309, 311, 340, 317, 602.25, 602.26, 607.1, 790.44, 803.2, 803.3, 3 890.133, 890.44, 703.2, and various sections of Articles 7, 10, and 11.  Ordinance sponsored by the Planning Department that would amend the Planning Code.  The proposed amendments are mainly clerical clean-up in nature, with Sections 121.2, 136.1, 151, 185, 186, 201, 204.2, 205, 205.1, 205.3, 207.2, 209.3, 209.8, 217, 249, 303, 309, 311, 340, 317, 602.25, 602.26, 607.1, 790.44, 803.2, 803.3, 3 890.133, 890.44, 703.2, and Articles 7, 10, and 11 being amended. 

The focus of this hearing will be on completing review of Article 11 and Section 309.

(Continued from regular hearing of 11/17/10)


SPEAKERS:      Gee Gee Platt

ACTION:            The Commission approved the draft document for Article 11 submitted for today’s hearing as modified at the hearing today

AYES:                Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

ABSENT:           Buckley



ACTION:            The Commission approved the draft document for Section 309 submitted for today’s hearing as modified at the hearing today

AYES:                Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

ABSENT:           Buckley







The minutes was proposed for adoption at the Regular Meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission on Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ACTION:           Approved

AYES:              Buckley, Wolfram, Martinez, Matsuda, Chase, Damkroger, Hasz


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