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City and County of San Francisco

December 16, 2009





Meeting Minutes


Hearing Room 400

City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


12:30 P.M. 




Regular Meeting




COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:                           Chase, Matsuda, Hasz, Martinez, Wolfram, Damkroger and Buckley




STAFF IN ATTENDANCETina Tam – Preservation Coordinator, A. Threadgill, T. Frye, T. Johnston, J. Navarrete, P. LaValley, S. Caltagirone, J. Battis, Linda Avery – Commission Secretary







Katherine Howard – Friends of the Music Concourse, re: Requested agendizing a discussion on the applicability of a Certificate of Appropriateness for the hotdog stands’ location and appearance at the Music Concourse.

Chris Duderstadt – re: Concession stands at the Music Concourse and the need to preserve the character of this important historical landmark.

Bradley Wiedmaier – Architectural Historian, re: Asked would 2750 Vallejo Street still be on the agenda as an information item; shared with the HPC two simple elemental buildings - the Monterey Pavilion built 1894 and the Mary Bradford House at Union Street – which had been left out of architectural history books.


Note:  Commissioner Damkroger requested the Chair to agendize the Music Concourse hotdog stands.  Commissioner Chase agreed and set the date for 1/20/10 after discussing the timing of it with Preservation Coordinator Tam.




1.         2009.0961A                                                                  (A. Threadgill: 415/558-6602)

620 Jones Street, the "Gaylord Hotel," east side between Geary and Post Streets, in Assessor's Block 0305, Lot 036.  Request for Certificate of Appropriateness to construct an accessible ramp on the front facade; install a new metal gate on the side facade; re-grade existing walkway; replace aluminum windows with new doors; and replace trellis.  The property is Landmark No. 159.  It is within an RC-4 (Residential-Commercial, High Density) Zoning District, in an 80-130-T Height and Bulk District, and is also within the North of Market Residential Special Use District, Subarea 1.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval 


SPEAKERS:      None

ACTION:            Approved

AYES:                Buckley, Martinez, Matsuda,Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

RECUSED:        Hasz

MOTION NO:    M0038




2.         2009.0966A                                                                           (T. Frye 415/575-6822)

51-99 Grove Street- The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, historically known as the Exposition Auditorium, Assessor’s Block 0812; Lots 001. Bound by Hayes, Grove, Larkin, and Polk Streets. The subject building is a contributing structure to the Civic Center Historic District.  It is located within a P (Public) District with an 80-X Height and Bulk limit. The proposal is a request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to remove the existing light box sign on the Hayes Street elevation and to install a sign indicating the theater name and an LED marquee to promote theater events.

Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

(Proposed continuance to January 20, 2010)


SPEAKER         None

ACTION:            Continued to January 20, 2010

AYES:                Buckley, Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda,Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase




3.         2007.1255E                                                                   (T. Johnston: 415/575-9035)

Crystal Springs San Andreas Transmission Upgrade ProjectCommission Review and Comment on Draft Environmental Impact Report. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is proposing the Crystal Springs San Andreas Transmission Upgrade Project. The project seeks to improve seismic and delivery reliability of the CS/SA Transmission System, and to meet the anticipated requirements of the California Division of Dam Safety (DSOD) for dam facilities in an emergency drawdown scenario. The Project would be located on City and County of San Francisco (CCSF TC "City and County of San Francisco (CCSF" \f A \l "1" )–owned lands in unincorporated portions of San Mateo County near the Town of Hillsborough and the cities of San Bruno, Burlingame, San Mateo, and Millbrae. The total proposed project area (including all construction, staging, and access areas) covers approximately 135 acres and is composed of five distinct project components that are oriented southeast to northwest, running approximately 7.6 miles across the Peninsula Watershed.  The primary components of the proposed project would include:

        Seismic and functional upgrades to the Upper Crystal Springs Dam Culverts, including seismic strengthening of the Lower Culvert, which crosses the San Andreas Fault rupture zone, and providing isolation capabilities to both culverts.

        Seismic improvements to the Crystal Springs Outlet Structures 1 and 2, including removal of the seismically vulnerable aboveground portions of their towers, and construction of a small onshore control shed for remote valve operation.

        Major seismic upgrade of the Crystal Springs Pump Station (CS Pump Station), including construction of a new, seismically strengthened Pump Station, and replacement of all related facilities, pipelines, and pipeline connections. The upgrade would also include increasing the pump station booster capability to 120 million gallons per day to meet delivery reliability goals, and construction of a new dissipation structure for releases into San Mateo Creek to meet anticipated DSOD requirements.

        Seismic upgrades to the existing CS/SA Pipeline that conveys water from CS Pump Station to San Andreas Reservoir (approximately 4.7 miles), including replacement of two segments of the pipeline, general pipeline improvements, and new access roads to ensure access to the pipeline for emergency and maintenance repairs.

        Seismic upgrade to the San Andreas Outlet Structures 2 and 3, including improvements at both the outlet towers and tunnel portals located at the Harry Tracey Water Treatment Plant.


This public hearing is intended to assist the Historic Preservation Commission in its preparation of written comments on the Draft EIR.  Comments made by members of the public at this hearing will not be considered comments on the Draft EIR and may not be responded to in the Final EIR. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to receive comments from the public on the Draft EIR on December 10, 2009.  Written comments will be accepted at the Planning Department’s offices until the close of business on Monday, December 21, 2009.

Preliminary Recommendation: The Commission may direct staff to prepare written comments of the Commission


PRESENTERS: Todso Magudas – Project Manager of the San Andreas Transmission System Upgrade Project; Madelyn Bolan – Architectural Historian from ICF Jones and Stokes; Tim Yates – Historian from Jones and Stokes

SPEAKERS:      None

ACTION:            No action was required for this Item.  Staff was directed to draft and prepare written comments of the Commission to the Environmental Review Officer.


4.        2007.0946E                                                                 (J. Navarrete:  415/575-9040)

Candlestick Point - Hunters Point Shipyard Phase II Development Plan (Project) Draft Environmental Impact Report - The Project site is located on approximately 702 acres in the southeastern portion of San Francisco and includes both Candlestick Point and HPS Phase II. Commission Review and Comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report.  The Project proposed includes a mixed-use community with a wide range of residential, retail, office, research and development, civic and community uses, and parks and recreational open space. A major component would be a new stadium for the San Francisco 49ers National Football League team. Additionally, new transportation and utility infrastructure would serve the Project including a bridge across Yosemite Slough. The Project proposes development of 10,500 residential units; 885,000  gross square feet (gsf) of retail; 150,000 gsf of office; 2.5 million gsf of Research & Development uses; a 220-room, 150,000-gsf hotel; 255,000 gsf of artist studio space and arts center; 100,000 gsf of community services; approximately 240 acres of new parks, sports fields, and waterfront recreation areas, as well as approximately 97 acres of new and improved State parkland; a 69,000-seat 49ers stadium; and a 10,000-seat performance arena. In addition, a 300-slip marina would be provided. Shoreline improvements would also be implemented to stabilize the shoreline. The Project would include structured and on-street parking and various infrastructure improvements to support the development.

NOTE:  The Draft Environmental Impact Report was published on November 12, 2009. The project may result in the destruction or degradation of historical resources.  The Draft EIR identifies this as a significant and unavoidable environmental effect of the proposed project, and identifies mitigation measures to lessen this effect, though not to a level of insignificance.


This public hearing is intended to assist the Historic Preservation Commission in its preparation of written comments on the Draft EIR.  Comments made by members of the public at this hearing will not be considered comments on the Draft EIR and may not be responded to in the Final EIR.  The Redevelopment Agency Commission and the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to receive comments on the Draft EIR on December 15 and December 17, 2009, respectively. Written comments on the Draft EIR will be accepted at the Planning Department until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, December 28, 2009.

Preliminary Recommendation:  The Commission may direct staff to draft written comments of the Commission.


PRESENTERS:         Tiffany Bohee – Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development:  Provided a brief background and overview of the project; Michael Rise – PBS&J Project Director for the Draft EIR, Ruth Todd – Page and Turnbull, Sheila McElroy – CIRCA Historic Properties Development; Mary Smitheran Sheldon – CD Richard Ellis


Bradley Wiedmaier Architectural Historian – The proposed bridge over the slough is an awkward place to be.  Placing the bridge at an angle to the street on the east would preserve the historic shoreline and avoid shoreline obstruction.


ACTION:            No action was required for this Item.  Staff was directed to prepare some bullet points of the Commission’s comments for tomorrow’s DEIR public hearing at the Planning Commission (12/17/09).  Staff also was to draft and prepare more detailed written comments of the Commission to the Environmental Review Officer.

                           This item was continued to January 6, 2010

AYES:                Buckley, Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda,Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase


Items 5 and 6 were heard concurrently.

5.         2009.0476U                                                                    (P. LaValley: 415/575-9084)

178 Townsend Street - northeast corner of Townsend Street and Clarence Place, in Assessor’s Block 3788, Lot 012. Request for Review and Consideration of a Draft Resolution recommending approval of a Mills Act historical property contract for 166-178 Townsend Street, which is a contributing resource to the South End Historic District designated pursuant to Article 10 of the Planning Code.  The Mills Act authorizes local governments to enter into contracts with owners of private historical property who, through the historical property contract, assure the rehabilitation, restoration, preservation and maintenance of a qualified historical property. In return, the property owner enjoys a reduction in property taxes for a given period.  The subject property is within a SLI (Service/Light Industrial) District and a 65-X Height and Bulk District.

Preliminary Recommendation:  Approval of Resolution Recommending Approval of the Mills Act Contract


SPEAKERS:      None

ACTION:            Approved the Mills Act contract.

AYES:                Buckley, Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda,Damkroger, Chase

NAYES:              Wolfram



6.         2009.0476F                                                                    (P. LaValley: 415/575-9084)

178 Townsend Street - northeast corner of Townsend Street and Clarence Place, in Assessor’s Block 3788, Lot 012. Request for Review and Comment on the documentation and draft Memorandum of Agreement prepared by United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for Section 106 review of the proposed adaptive-reuse of the existing building and construction of a vertical addition to provide up to 94 dwelling units, ground floor retail and daycare space, and up to 45 off-street parking spaces. Consistent with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, HUD has requested comments on the effects the proposed undertaking could have upon historic properties. The subject property is a contributing resource to the South End Historic District and is within an SLI (Service, Light Industrial) District with a 65-X Height and Bulk limit. 

Preliminary Recommendation:  Direct staff to draft written comments of the Commission.


SPEAKERS:      None

ACTION:            Approved.  Staff is requested to keep project sponsor’s language on process as it stands.  In this singular case, the size of the project is mitigated by good design; care has been taken; and good design should be encourage.

AYES:                Buckley, Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda,Damkroger, Chase

NAYES:              Wolfram


7.         2009.0948A                                                                 (A. Threadgill:415/558-6602)

760 Market Street, The "Phelan Building," corner of O'Farrell and Market Streets, in Assessor’s Block 0328, Lot 001.  Request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to install business signage (dba Walgreens).  The property is Landmark No. 156 and is rated as Category I (Significant) within the Kearny-Market-Mason-Sutter Conservation District.  It is within the C-3-R (Downtown Retail) Zoning District, in an 80-130-F Height and Bulk District, and is also within the Market Street Special Sign District.

Preliminary Recommendation:  Approval with Conditions

(Continued from the November 4, 2009 hearing.)


PRESENTERS:         Peter McEarney – Martin Building Company

SPEAKERS:      None

ACTION:            Approved as recommended by staff

AYES:                Buckley, Hasz, Matsuda,Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

NAYES:              Martinez

MOTION:          M0039


8.         2006.0747A                                                               (S. Caltagirone: 415/558-6625)

890 Grove Street - northeast corner of Grove and Fillmore Streets.  Assessor’s Block 0797, Lot 019.  Request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to construct a vertical addition at the roof of the existing two-story-over-basement building and to install a garage door opening at the basement level.  The property is a contributing within the Alamo Square Historic District.  It is zoned RH-3 (Residential, House, Three-Family) District and is in an 50-X Height and Bulk District.

Preliminary Recommendation:  Approval with Conditions


PRESENTERS:         Mark Topacher – Architect for the project.

SPEAKERS:      None

ACTION:            Approved with amendments to the finding that there is no substantial adverse impact to the district, the siding be flush siding, and the height reduced by six inches.

AYES:                Martinez, Matsuda, Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase

NAYES:              Buckley and Hasz

MOTION:          M0040




Preservation Coordinator Tina Tam:

Upcoming activities associated with the Market / Octavia (M/O) Plan Area has contributed to a delay in bringing this back to the HPC in February, 2010.  The recommendations for nomination for potential districts and individual buildings in the M/O Plan Area are delayed because of recent activities, schedules, status of Mission Dolores neighborhood survey and M/O augmentation survey.  Based upon the last HPC’s M/O survey integration hearing, the Planning Department and Planning Commission were instructed to fold in both the Mission Dolores survey and the augmentation for recommendations to the HPC.  The Mission Dolores survey is coming back to the HPC on February 17; the augmentation survey sometime in March; and the Planning Department’s recommendation in April.




9.                                                                             (S. Caltagirone/J. Battis: 415/558-6625)

2750 Vallejo Street- Informational Presentation and Discussion regarding the appeal of a Categorical Exemption under the California Environmental Quality Act.  This Categorical Exemption determination is currently under appeal to the Board of Supervisors and is scheduled for hearing before the Board of Supervisors on December 15, 2009.   Should the hearing before the Board of Supervisors be continued, the Historic Preservation Commission may direct staff to draft a letter from the Commissionto the Board of Supervisors regarding the appeal of the Categorical Exemption determination;if the appeal has been taken and a decision made by the Board, then this item will be for informational purposes only and no action will be taken by the Commission.



Bradley Wiedmaier, Architectural Historian – There are inaccuracies in the Categorical Exemption (Cat Ex):  the 1939 building permit was not incorporated in the report; the difference between the first two HRERs is not pointed out; and the third reason is in regard to the originality of the facade fenestration.  He also referred to the San Borne maps and Water Department documents.

Tuia Catalana, Reuben and Junius, Representing the property owners – The owners have received support from neighbors, SF Heritage and SF Consortium.  This building is a contributory historic resource to a potential district, not an existing district.

Joan Wood – The research that went into this project was inadequate and the Cat Ex was based on a different plan.  The project needs further investigation.

Greg Malan, Property Owner – This property is not an architecturally significant home and it has been dramatically changed.

Jay Turnbull, Page and Turnbull – They need to release the site for continued alteration that requires only general compatibility with the district and the neighbor.


NOTE:            Commissioner Damkroger disclosed that she had written to Supervisor Alioto Pier and met with the owner of the site.


ACTION:         No action is required for this item.


10.       Consideration of Adoption:

a.           Draft minutes of ARC Hearing of November 4, 2009

b.           Draft minutes of Regular Hearing of November 18, 2009

c.           Draft minutes of Regular Hearing of December 2, 2009


ACTION:            Adopted November 4, 2009 minutes as is, and adopted the draft minutes of November 18 and December 2 as they have been corrected: November 18, 2009 – front page, changed Belk to Bevk, page 4 – changed Buckley to Wolfram, and page 13 changed Wolfram to Buckley ; December 2, 2009 – front page, changed Marin to Marine.

AYES:                Buckley, Hasz, Martinez, Matsuda,Wolfram, Damkroger, Chase


11.       The Historic Preservation Commission and Staff will be gathering at Absinthe Restaurant, located at 398 Hayes Street, immediately after the hearing on 12/16/09 for their Holiday Party.


Noted from the Commission:  This is an informal meeting that is open to all members of the public without a requirement to pay for or buy a drink or refreshment.   No business item is to be taken up at this gathering.


12.       President’s Report and Announcements

        Commissioners Chase and Damkroger would attend, present and hear comments at the January 15, 2010 Mayor’s Office of Disability Hearing.


13.       Commission Comments/Questions

Commission Wolfram:

        Would the disclosure category be at the beginning of the agenda? – Commission Secretary Avery responded that it is generally under Matters of the Commission which is usually at the beginning of the agenda.  Due to the length and volume of this agenda, it was moved to the end.  Commissioner Chase commented that in the future he would afford time for disclosure at the beginning of the meeting to accommodate any change in agenda format.

        Asked the status of the library designations – Preservation Coordinator Tam responded that Johanna Street was interested in preparing the background information, context statements and perhaps DPR forms.  The Planning Department’s response to her submittal was not pending on any grant.  It is anticipated that Ms. Street will bring her work to the Department soon and to the HPC in early 2010.  The two months update for Merced and Parkside Branch Libraries will be in February 2010.  There was no new information on the Park Branch Library initiation

Commissioner Martinez:

        Commented the minutes were different and asked the status of the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force (SOTF) – Commission Secretary Avery responded, as directed by the Commission, the minutes now include a summary of public comments.  For the SOFT:  there was an official compliant filed and she went to the hearing on 12/10/09 during a recess of the Planning Commission’s hearing.  At that time it appeared that the complaint was the only item on their calendar.  Ms. Avery was able to respond to their questions before she had to go back to the Planning Commission hearing.  The item was continued to 1/14/10 (which would also be a Planning Commission hearing date).  Commission Secretary Avery will ask the Planning Commission to call a recess at 4:00 pm in order to participate in the SOTF hearing.  She would bring the recently approved minutes to the hearing even though SOTF had not indicated they want to see them.  Commission Secretary Avery did not receive the formal complaint that SOTF was obligated to send to the Department, and had not seen the SOTF preliminary decision that was issued.

Commissioner Buckley:

        Asked whether the HPC would be commenting on the North Beach Branch Library DEIR only.   The other libraries were issued Cat Ex documents – Preservation Coordinator Tam affirmed that the other libraries were Cat Ex and that the HPC would have the opportunity to comment on the North Beach Branch Library DEIR when it is issued and published, probably in April 2010.


Commissioner Damkroger:

        She would like further discussions about CEQA.  The more frequent use of Cat Ex in evaluating a project is a problematic approach when the historic evaluation report says that while it [a project] doesn’t entirely meet the standards, it doesn’t create a substantial adverse impact and/or material change to the resource.

        In situations when there is some disagreement about whether or not there are historic resources for a particular development proposal, the HPC ought to look at the historic resource evaluation report prior to certification.  A case in point is the DEIR for 935-965 Market Street.

Commissioner Chase:

        We need to have appropriate information to assess the adequacy of the DEIR as it relates to historic resources.

Commissioner Martinez:

        HPC needs to develop guidelines about how properties are reviewed under CEQA.

        The gap between not entirely meeting the Secretary of Interior Standards and not creating a significant impact on historic resources has to be defined.

        The Planning Department and the HPC ought to work together because there is a lot of confusion and conflicts.  This subject needs a full discussion at a hearing.

Commissioner Chase:

        HPC should have these discussions in a manner that is not rushed.  We need to set aside time as a priority for the Commission to delve into the matter.

        I would like Planning Staff to present their rational for what they have done around the issues of evaluations using Cat Ex.

        Urged HPC to look at its Rules and Regulations seriously as to how they could create a construct for HPC to do business.  The Planning Commission had changed and altered their rules to their particular needs.  This Commission needs to do the same.

Commissioner Secretary Avery:

        Will provide commissioners with both the HPC and PC Rules and Regulations for this Commission to compare.



Adjournment4:43 P.M.

The minutes was proposed for adoption at the Regular Meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission on Wednesday, January 20, 2010.


ACTION:          Approved        

AYES:              Buckley, Hasz, Martinez, wolfram, Damkroger, Matsuda, Chase

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