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Draft Community Plan and Strategic Analysis Memos

Draft Community Stabilization Policy(PDF-233kb)
Draft Community Plan for Citizens Review (PDF-24.9mb)

Updated Public Comments (PDF- 170kb)

Strategic Analysis Memos (SAMs)

Housing SAM (PDF-22.6mb)

Preservation SAM (PDF-15.3mb)

Transportation SAM (PDF-16.4mb)

Open Space SAM (PDF-12.8mb)

Economics SAM (PDF-17mb)

Community Benefits

Community Benefits - What it is and how it works (PDF 1.3mb)

Archival of Earlier Versions Draft Community Plan

Draft Plans of 10-29-07 (PDF-39kb)

Draft Plans of 10-22-07 (PDF-31kb)

Draft Plans of 4-11-08 (PDF-1mb)

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Please refer to East SoMa plan to compare plan policies with Western SoMa.

Last updated: 8/30/2011 8:40:56 AM