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May 6, 2009 - Cancelled

May 6, 2009 - Cancelled




Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Charles Edwin Chase, Interim President

Courtney Damkroger, Interim Vice President


Karl Hasz

Alan Martinez

John Rahaim, Director of Planning

Tina Tam, Preservation Coordinator

Linda D. Avery, Commission Secretary


a. Permit Tracking Update

b. 1268 Lombard Street

(Continued to May 20, 2009)

2. (M. Kessler, UCD)

Elegant Pit Stops – The Historicist Garages of San Francisco – Informational presentation

(Continued to June 3, 2009)

3. 2009.0236A (P. LaValley: 415/575-9084)

35 Stanford Street(aka 634 2nd Street), is located in Assessor's Block 3788, Lot 038. Request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to remove roll down door and install new storefront system and tenant signs within one bay of the 634 2nd Street façade. The subject property, formerly known as the Crane Company Warehouse, is a contributing structure to the South End Historic District and is located within a MOU (Mixed Use Office) District with a 65-X Height and Bulk limit.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval

(Continued to May 20, 2009)

4. 2009.0257AC (T. Frye: 415/575-6822)

900 Sansome Street, Southwest corner of Sansome and Broadway Streets, Assessor's Block 0142; Lot 003. Request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to replace the non historic ground-floor storefront systems. The subject property is within a C-2 (Community Business) District with a 84-E Height and Bulk District, the Washington-Broadway #1 Special Use District, and within the Northeast Waterfront Historic District. The Planning Commission will hear a related Request for Conditional Use approval to change the legal use of the property from commercial store to off-street parking facility.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval

(Continued to May 20, 2009)

5. 2009.0248A (S. Caltagirone: 415/558-6625)

1190 FILLMORE STREET, east side between Golden Gate Avenue and Turk Street. Assessor's Block 0756, Lot 001 - Request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to demolish the shed addition at the east elevation of the substation building. The property is designated as Landmark No. 105: Market Street Railway Substation. It is zoned P/NC-3 (Public/Moderate-Scale Neighborhood Commercial) District and is in a 50-X Height and Bulk District.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval.

(Continued to May 20, 2009)

6. 2008.1008T (T. Sullivan: 415/558-6257)

Amendments to Planning Code by amending Appendix K of Article 10: Bush Street/Cottage Row Historic District [Board File No. 08-0778]. Resolution introduced by Supervisor Mirkarimi to amend to Appendix K of Article 10 of San Francisco Planning Code: Bush Street/Cottage Row Historic District, by adding a new Section 7 to set forth additional requirements for Certificates of Appropriateness; and adopting findings, including Section 302 findings, and findings of consistency with the General Plan and the Priority Policies of Planning Code Section 101.1.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval

(Continued to May 20, 2009)

7. 2008.0467A (A. Threadgill: 415/558-6602)

1648 PACIFIC AVENUE, (also known historically as Engine Company No. 8, Truck Company No. 4 Firehouse, 1640 Pacific Avenue), located on the north side between Van Ness Avenue and Polk Street, Assessor's Block 0574, Lot 011. Request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to allow the rehabilitation of the building's facades, ground floor entries and transoms, rear facade window fenestration, to allow an addition to the existing third floor, and for the approval of a business signage program. The subject property is Landmark No. 188. The property is zoned Polk Neighborhood Commercial District (NCD) and is in a 65-A Height and Bulk District.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Conditions

(Continued to May 20, 2009)

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