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May 15, 2008 - Special

May 15, 2008 Special



Special Meeting Minutes

Commission Chambers - Room 408

City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

Thursday, May 15, 2008

11:00 AM

Special Meeting

COMMISSIONERS PRESENT: Olague, Antonini, Lee, Moore and Sugaya



STAFF IN ATTENDANCE: John Rahaim – Director of Planning, Larry Badiner – Zoning Administrator, Amit Ghosh – Chief Planner, andLinda Avery – Commission Secretary.


1. (Tape IA; IB) (B. WYCKO (415) 575-9048)

Interim PDR Loss and Replacement Policy - Review and possible adoption of an interim policy regarding new and replacement PDR (production, distribution, and repair) space under CEQA (the California Environmental Quality Act) for projects throughout the Eastern Neighborhoods and related areas.

Preliminary Recommendation: Adopt the policy.


(-)[No name stated]

-It sounds like we are here to make a decision about pipeline projects and PDR before we have tonight's hearing that was announced many months ago.

-I had thought that the Board of Supervisors had been clear on the rules to wait on the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan and the Certified EIR.

(-)Tony Kelly

- How does this interim policy of PDR replacement fit into the PDR replacement, if there is one, in the Eastern Neighborhoods rezoning? PDR replacement should be part of the plan.

- I request that you not take action on this item and put it as part of the Eastern Neighborhood on June 19.

Tiuia Catalano

- If the policy is adopted today, add some clarification to the extent that if there is a conflict between the two resolutions that Resolution 16727 controls be applied.

- Also, some consideration should be given to the future proposed Easter Neighborhoods zoning.

Philip Lesser

-Requested to give consideration to the NCD projects to get to the pipeline.

(-)Calvin Welch

- Urged to not pass the resolution today because you have a hearing tonight on PDR uses and policy, and you have a pipeline policy set for June.

- The biggest problem is the affordable housing problem. The Board of Supervisors labored long and hard through a series of public hearings to come up with a very comprehensive statement on policy for the Eastern Neighborhoods.

- You are proposing a policy here today that will exempt every housing development that takes advantage of this or even the 15% minimum inclusionary zoning ordinance.

- Ask your staff how many of these projects that would be built will be subject to the old 12% inclusionary zoning.

Pandie Stock

- I am here to appeal to you for fairness, specifically regarding NCD districts. Any [project] in the pipeline should be allowed to move forward.

(+)Angus McCarthy

- What is really important for me is the certainty/consistency in policies that are in place with the Planning Department and I am looking forward for this to be passed today.


-I have a property with no progress and this raises my hope of moving forward.

(-)Erick Quezada

- Your role as policy makers needs to take in consideration what San Franciscans need/want in their community.

- This proposal, at this time, completely under minds our trust in this process. I urge to not pass this policy and keep the integrity of the Eastern Neighborhoods process.

Ingrid Aquino

- We need low moderate cost housing. I wish this was not such a hastily convened meeting. It does not seem correct.

(+)Lu Urbano

-Spoke in favor of this proposal just because it would get projects to move forward.

(-)Jazzie Collins

- This policy is insulting the community that has worked very hard to preserve the neighborhoods and jobs. It does not meet what we are asking for.

(-)Angelica Cabande

- We are very disappointed with the fact that you have two hearings in one day. Our community was shocked to have this meeting at 11a.m. in such short notice and at a time when most of them can not attend.

(-)Sue Hestor

- Why are we here? You have a hearing tonight on the Eastern Neighborhoods and another set for policy on June 19.

(+)Noreen Barn

- Read a memorandum from Larry Badiner dated February 5th stating that the matter before the Commission is a decision to adopt either interim policy or interim controls to preserve neighborhood character while the Eastern Neighborhoods plan is further developed.

(+)Richie Hart

-This policy is allowing projects to move forward.


- The affordable housing laws are affordable housing laws and nothing here is going to change any of that. The spirit of resolution 16727 says that we need housing and PDR. Let us find a way to make it work together.

(+)John O'Connell

- In February 2004 the Planning Commission adopted resolution 16727 outlining, lot by lot and block by block, where you can build and can not build. Today, you are even providing more PDR.

Alice Barkley

- This Commission balances the needs of housing versus the preservation of the industrial land use and came up with this very extensive list of lot by lot designations.

- There is no reason to hold up projects anymore and to continue this defacto moratorium is only going to add to housing cost.

ACTION: After public hearing, continued to June 19, 2008. Public hearing remains open.

AYES: Olague, Antonini, Lee, Moore and Sugaya

ABSENT: Miguel

Adjournment: 12:47 P. M.



ACTION: Adopted

AYES: Olague, Miguel, Antonini, Lee, Moore and Sugaya

NOTE: Per Section 67.18 of the Administrative Code for the City and County of San Francisco, Commission minutes contain a description of the item before the Commission for discussion/consideration; a list of the public speakers with names if given, and a summary of their comments including an indication of whether they are in favor of or against the matter; and any action the Commission takes. The minutes are not the official record of a Commission hearing. The audiotape is the official record. Copies of the audiotape may be obtained by calling the Commission office at (415) 558-6415. For those with access to a computer and/or the Internet, Commission hearings are available at Under the heading Explore, the category Government, and the City Resources section, click on SFGTV, then Video on Demand. You may select the hearing date you want and the item of your choice for a replay of the hearing.

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