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December 10, 2002

December 10, 2002



Meeting Minutes

Commission Chambers - Room 400
City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
Thursday, December 10, 2002
12:30 PM
Special Meeting

COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:          Michael J. Antonini; Shelley Bradford Bell; Lisa Feldstein; Kevin Hughes; Sue Lee; William L. Lee
COMMISSIONERS ABSENT:          Rev. Edgar E. Boyd


STAFF IN ATTENDANCE: Gerald Green – Director; Larry Badiner -Zoning Administrator; Amit Ghosh; David Alumbagh; Jonas Ionin; Ken Chin; Nora Priego – Transcription Secretary; Linda Avery - Commission Secretary


1.          Commission Questions and Comments

Commissioner Antonini:
Re: Glen Park Marketplace
- He is happy to work with the residents of this neighborhood and is in the process of contacting members of the BART Board to discuss current issues and concerns.

Re: Fourth and Freelon
– He will respond to the various correspondence he has received on this case.

Commissioner William Lee:
Re: Cost of Discretionary Reviews
- He would like Director Green to provide the average cost of expenses to handle a Discretionary Review case. It is important that the Commission get a sense of how much Discretionary Review cost.

Re: Fourth and Freelon
- He would like staff to review the latest copy of the ordinance and provide the Commission with information on special use districts.

- He would like to have the Health Department come to a Planning Commission hearing to talk about the health affects of radiation from cellular antennas.

Commissioner Bradford Bell:
- She would also like to have whatever information the staff can provide regarding Fourth and Freelon Streets.
- She would like to acknowledge how wonderful and cooperative planning staff has been to bring the Commission up to speed.
- She would like to have a representative from the Department of the Environment attend a Planning Commission hearing to talk about the health affects of radiation from cellular antennas.


2.          Director's Announcements

Re: Cost of Discretionary Reviews
- Responding to the request made by Commissioner William Lee:
- There is a fee of $131.00 for Discretionary Review applications. However, we spend an estimated average of 25 hours and about $2,500 for each Discretionary Review case we process. This is just an estimate; he will provide more information at a future budget presentation.

Re: Fourth and Freelon:
- The Finance Committee will consider this case tomorrow. Jean Paul Samaha from staff will provide information on this case to the Commission on Thursday, December 12 2002.

Re: Fellowship
- There has been word that I (Director Green) have a potential fellowship offer from Harvard. At this time nothing is decided. I am the Planning Director now and expect to continue to be the Director in the foreseeable future. No doubt, the fellowship is an interesting idea and a potential opportunity for me, but it will not be considered until the Spring.

3.          Informational briefing on the San Francisco General Plan and General Plan procedures, updates and amendments, including the Housing Element.

(-) Roger Brandon
- He has the impression that the Planning Department is interested in making more density areas in the City.
- Many people are not in agreement with this.
- There have been proposals to allow housing near freeways and in industrial areas.
- We do not have to become another New York City.
- Work areas should be preserved for work.
- We should elect to remain a smaller big city.
- We are building too much and this is wrong.
(+/-) Ernestine Weiss
- There are a lot of things that Dr. Ghosh mentioned that she agrees with.
- She believes that parking should be underground and that it should be mandatory.
- Homelessness will not be stopped if affordable housing is not built.
- Businesses can not locate here if there is no affordable housing.
(+) Jim Chappel – SPUR
- This has been an excellent presentation by staff.
- Their role in the city is to provide assistance to the Commission and the general public. Any time Commissioners have questions or comments, he is more than willing to help provide information to help them make informed decisions.
- SPUR is also available to provide seminars for the Commission.
(+) Ron Miguel – President of the Planning Association for the Richmond
- He is happy that the Planning Director is scheduling briefings on various issues related to Planning.
- Housing is something that, when it comes before the Commission, he hopes the Commission will be aware of consistency and clarity.

ACTION:          Informational only. No action required

4.          Informational briefing on San Francisco Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Siting Guidelines, and other issues related to cellular antennas.

(-) Doug Loranger – SNAFU
- He submitted a rather lengthy letter on this issue.
- He stated that Planning Commissions have not denied any antennas in the City. This has caused a lot of frustration and anger from many people living in San Francisco.
- It is important to have public input.
- He is asking the new Commission to listen to the public on this issue when it comes before them.
- They have advocated for a temporary moratorium on antenna installations.
(+) Ron Miguel – President of the Planning Association for the Richmond
- His organization has been struggling with this issue for many years.
- There are documents that his organization has not been able to get a hold of. These documents discuss all these related issues.
(-) Meagan Sullivan – Richmond District Association
- It is fact that the Planning Department lacks the resources to revise the guidelines.
(+) Jennifer Estes – Sprint PCS
- She introduce herself and others (from her company's team of experts) to the Commission.
- Sprint has sent a letter to Commissioners inviting them to come out and talk to and work with radio emissions engineers.
(+) Deborah Stein – GCS Strategies representing Sutro Tower
- It is important for community leaders and/or neighborhood groups to participate in or observe independent measurements of radio frequency.
- Sutro did prepare the only environmental impact report. This document is available to the Commission.

ACTION:          Informational only. No action required

At this time, members of the public may address the Commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Commission except agenda items. With respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the Commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. Each member of the public may address the Commission for up to three minutes.

Adjournment:          3:30 p.m.


SPEAKERS:          None
ACTION:          Approved
AYES:                    Antonini, Boyd, Bradford Bell, Feldstein, Hughes, Sue Lee, William Lee

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