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The Preservation Program of the SF Planning Department has numerous volunteer opportunities available for a range of volunteer interests and abilities: from adding property information to our new California Historical Resources Inventory Database (CHRID), to digital photography for surveys, to drafting Landmark Designation reports. Unpaid internships are also available for college credit. Gain valuable experience while contributing to the preservation of San Francisco's cultural and historical landscape. For more information please contact preservation@sfgov.org.


Volunteer Opportunities

Title: California Historical Resources Inventory Database (CHRID) data entry.
Hours: 5 hours per week, this is an on-going position

UPDATE: This position is currently closed.

Summary: The Planning Department is beginning the process of populating its new publicly accessible database of historic resources. This position would entail adding data, such as scanned PDF's of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, the 1976 Architectural Survey, SF Landmarks, and National Register nomination packets to a newly developed online historic resources database. Additional historic information such as that found in architectural or thematic guidebooks would also be input into the CHRID online database. The goal is to provide building and parcel information to the public in an easily accessible format.

Required Skills: Basic computer skills, ability to type, strong attention to detail.

Contact: Mary Brown, Planner


Internships Available

Title: Preservation Planning Intern
5-20 hours per week

UPDATE: This position is currently closed.

Summary: This position is ideal for graduate or undergraduate students of Planning, Urban Studies, Historic Preservation, History, Geography, or a closely related field. The intern will work primarily on development of the SF Historic Context Statement, in particular, historic research, field surveys, and GIS mapping. Additional duties could include: research and writing support for departmental responses to submitted Historic Resource Evaluations, research and writing for Landmark nominations, basic GIS mapping for presentations to the Planning Commission, support work for the review of project applications, and the review of submitted historic resource surveys.

Required Skills: The successful applicant must have a strong interest or background in planning, preservation planning, or architectural history. Required computer skills include Word and Excel. Familiarity with ArcMap is preferred.

Contact: Mary Brown, Planner


Title: Historic GIS Mapping Intern
Hours: 5 – 10 hours / week

UPDATE: This position is currently closed.

Summary: The Planning Department has access to many historic maps that need to be georeferenced in order to compare historic land uses and settlement patterns with contemporary parcels and infrastructure. These maps include United States Coast Survey maps from the 1850s and 1860s. In addition, we are seeking an intern also capable of digitizing networks and points on historic maps (such as historic cable-car routes, historic land grants, and hydrologic features such as historic creeks or wells).

Required Skills: This position will include some GIS support from Planning Dept. staff; however, the applicant must have some prior experience with georeferencing. The applicant must be familiar with ArcMap programs.

Contact: Mary Brown, Planner

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