Health Care Services Master Plan Update 2018

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The San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) and the San Francisco Planning Department are currently developing an updated HCSMP, for anticipated adoption in 2018. The purpose of the 2018 HCSMP is to identify current and projected needs for healthcare services in San Francisco, with a focus on vulnerable populations. The main goals of the 2018 HCSMP include:

  • Provide the most current and available local and state data describing health care services, capacity, utilization, and distribution of health care services
  • Highlight health disparities and critical healthcare and development issues that have emerged since 2013
  • Conduct an updated assessment of land use controls and trends in medical use development
  • Update the HCSMP Consistency Determination guidelines
  • Develop supporting legislation and longer-term policy recommendations to improve access to care

Key Documents & Presentations

Outreach & Adoption

In order to support development of the 2018 HCSMP, outreach activities will include:

  • Conducting interviews with key stakeholders in the health care and social services, real estate development, and neighborhood planning fields in order to hear their perspectives on San Francisco's current and future health care needs and trends in medical facility development
  • Providing briefings to advocacy organizations and stakeholders
  • A public workshop
  • An online survey
  • Public hearings at the Planning Commission, Health Commission, and the Board of Supervisors

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2018 HCSMP Update: Meetings & Hearings

When items are completed, information will be posted here.


The anticipated timeline for developing and adopting the 2018 HCSMP is as follows:

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018
Public Outreach
Summer 2018 Publish Draft Plan
  Plan Adoption 


For additional information on the Planning Department's work on HCSMP, please contact:

Lisa Chen
Project Manager
SF Planning Department
(415) 575-9124

Sneha Patil
Project Manager
SF Department of Public Health
(415) 554-2795