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Stakeholder Survey Results

The preliminary survey results from the stakeholder survey can be found here.
A draft of the Existing Conditions Report can be found here.

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The Excelsior & Outer Mission Neighborhood Strategy (bounded by the I-280 on the north and west, McLaren Park on the East, and Daly City on the South), will develop a vision for improving and enhancing the Excelsior, Outer Mission, Mission Terrace, Crocker Amazon, and Cayuga neighborhoods. The Strategy will strive to maximize the benefits of ongoing and future projects, working toward making the area an even better place to live and visit. 

This neighborhood-level visioning process requires ongoing dialogue between City officials and community leaders, residents, students, service providers, property owners, and others to consider practical approaches to implement the necessary public improvements and investments.

Please join us and be a part of the conversation about your neighborhood's future.

Strategy Components

  • Existing Conditions – Understanding where the area is today. A draft of the exisiting conditions report can be found here.
  • Corridor Strategy – A vision for the look, feel, and life of the main corridors.
  • Neighborhood Strategy – A vision for the look, feel, and life of surrounding neighborhoods.

Get Involved!

The Excelsior & Outer Mission Neighborhood Strategy depends on you! Community participation is essential to help shape the goals, strategies, and overall vision to ensure a sustainable and high quality of life for the neighborhoods now and in the future. There are a number of ways to participate in this proactive and exploratory process:

  • Working Group – Join a group of neighborhood stakeholders for a series of four meetings.
  • Public Workshops – Provide feedback and ideas to define goals, priorities, and strategies for the neighborhood's future.
  • Neighborhood Surveys – Help identify the neighborhood's needs, priorities and preferences through a series of neighborhood surveys.
  • Focus Groups – In-depth conversations to tell City staff about your issues of concern.

Project Schedule

Dates and times to be determined.

  • Stakeholder Outreach, Data Gathering; Working Group Formation – April 2017 - June 2017
  • Phase I: Main Corridors Strategy, Mission & Geneva – April 2017 - February 2018
  • Phase II: Neighborhoods Strategy – March 2018 - June 2018

Updated overall project schedule can be downloaded here.

About the Excelsior & Outer Mission Working Group

The Excelsior & Outer Mission Working Group (EOM WG) is a broad group of stakeholders providing feedback and insight to staff on the development of the Excelsior & Outer Mission Neighborhood Strategy. Working Group members have agreed to meet regularly throughout the development of the Neighborhood Strategy, allowing them to build mutual understanding and deep knowledge regarding complex planning, land use, transit, and economic development issues. They can provide consistent feedback and insight to staff and ensure the voice of the community is centered in the resulting Neighborhood Strategy. In addition to this body, staff will gain feedback and insight from the broader community through surveys, public meetings, and written comments.

The development of this strategy will occur in 2 phases. The first phase focuses on the Excelsior & Outer Mission Neighborhood Commercial District; the commercial district runs all of Mission Street, from Trumbull to Sickles, and parts of Geneva Avenue. The second phase focuses on the neighborhoods surrounding the Neighborhood Commercial District. When the second phase begins, additional community members will have an opportunity to join and lend their voice and expertise to the conversation.

If you have any questions about the Excelsior & Outer Mission Working Group, please contact:

Rachael A. Tanner