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Workshop #4 Summary
Reviewing Initial Concepts
September 25, 2001

On September 25, 2001, the Planning Department held the fourth workshop in an on-going series of meetings that are an essential part of the process of developing the Central Waterfront Neighborhood Plan, part of the larger Better Neighborhoods 2002 program. The focus of this workshop was to provide an overview of the work completed to date on essential issues pertaining to the Central Waterfront, its residents, workers, and businesses. In particular, based on input form previous workshops, the presentation introduced the first set of draft alternatives and plan concepts developed by the consultant team and Planning Department staff.

Three basic land use alternatives were introduced: "Maximum Housing", "Maximum Industrial", and the "Preferred Scheme". Concepts for open space, historic preservation, neighborhood commercial development, and transportation were combined with the "Preferred Scheme" to create the "Preferred Concept Plan". Comments on the content of the presentation are available on this web site. The team is now working to incorporate these comments as part of the preparation of a preliminary draft plan, expected to be released in early Fall 2002. Please check back for updates!

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