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Planning Code Sec.

210.3: C-3 (DOWNTOWN COMMERCIAL) DISTRICTS -- Downtown San Francisco, a center for city, regional, national and international commerce, is composed of four separate districts, as follows: C-3-0 (Downtown Office); C-3-R (Downtown Retail); C-3-G (Downtown General Commercial); C-3-S (Downtown Support). The C-3-0 district has a subdistrict for special development called the C-3-0(SD) district.

124: FLOOR AREA RATIO LIMIT -- 9:1 for C-3-0; 6:1 for C-3-R; 6:1 for C-3-G and 5:1 for C-3-S.

124, 127 and Art. 11: TRANSFER OF DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS (TDR) -- Owners of buildings requiredto be preserved by Article 11, per their assigned preservation rating may sell unused development potential to owners of other lots in the same district or to a lot in the C-3-0(SD) District. Lots may have their FAR increased by the above means up to 18:1 in the C-3-0 and the C-3-0(SD) district and 1 1/2 times the base FAR in other C-3 districts.

161(c) & 151; OFF STREET PARKING -- Not required for nonresidential uses; 1 space for each 4 dwelling units.

215: DWELLING UNIT DENSITY -- 1 dwelling unit for each 125 square feet of lot area is a permitted use. A greater density, limited by the discretion of the Planning Commission, is a conditional use. Top

320: HOUSING REQUIREMENTS -- The Office Affordable Housing Production Program, requires housing to be constructed or a housing development fee paid for new office buildings or conversion of more than 50,000 gross square feet.

270, 271: HEIGHT CONTROLS -- See Height and Bulk District Zoning Maps and Bulk Limits in Section 270. Excessive bulk may be authorized as a conditional use.

607: SIGN CONTROLS -- See Article 6 of the Planning Code. Height limited to 100 feet (free standing limited to 40 feet), projection limited to 75% of sidewalk width up to a maximum of 12 feet. Special sign districts modify these controls.

134: REAR YARD -- 25% of lot depth required for levels occupied by residential uses. No front setbacks or side yards required.

215 & ff: USES -- Office, retail, residential, entertainment and institutional uses are permitted. Wholesale and some light manufacturing uses are permitted in some C-3 districts. Hotels are a conditional use.

Art. 2: SPECIAL USE DISTRICTS -- May be more or less restrictive than certain standards in C-3 districts.