C-2 District Summary




Code Sec.

210.2 C-2 (COMMUNITY BUSINESS) DISTRICTS -- These districts serve several functions. On a larger scale than most of the NC Districts, they provide comparison shopping goods and services on a general or specialized basis to a citywide or a regional market area, complementing the main area for such types of trade in downtown San Francisco. The C-2 Districts are generally located in the Telegraph Hill, Fisherman's Wharf, Stonestown and Executive Park areas as well as smaller sections on and around Van Ness Avenue. As in NC Districts, the emphasis is upon compatible retail uses, but a wider variety of goods and services is included to suit the longer term needs of customers and no distinctions are made between the various stories.

Art. 2 USES -- Retail, office, restaurant, residential are permitted uses. See generally Article 2 of the City Planning Code.

Art. 2 SPECIAL USE DISTRICTS -- May be more or less restrictive for certain standards in C-2 District.

124 FLOOR AREA RATIO LIMIT -- 3.6 to 1 (unless nearest other district is RM-4 or RC-4, then 4.8:1 or, to C-3, then 10:1) FAR is 5:1 in the Northern Waterfront Special Use Districts.

151 OFF-STREET PARKING -- 1 space required for each 500 square feet occupied floor area for office or retail. See Table 151 of the City Planning Code for other uses; for residential: 1 space for each unit. No parking required for less than 5,000 square feet of commercial space. See Planning Code Article 1.5 generally.

215(a) DWELLING UNIT DENSITY -- At least 3 dwelling units permitted on buildable lot; generally 1 unit per 800 square feet of lot area, greater number depending on nearest R District; double density for housing for elderly or handicapped.

Art. 2.5 HEIGHT CONTROLS -- See Height and Bulk Zoning Maps and Height and Bulk Standards in Article 2.5 of the City Planning Code.

607 SIGN CONTROLS -- Projection -- 75 percent of sidewalk width to 12 feet maximum. Height of freestanding sign -- 36 feet. Generally see Article 6, City Planning Code.

134 REAR YARD -- No rear yard required for commercial development; 25 percent of lot length at level occupied by dwelling units. No front setback or side yards required.