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Session #3 - Sept. 19

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Session 2: 9/8/01 >>

1. Thank you for keeping the local residents involved in these discussions.

2. Take over extra parking lot of McDonald's for other use, maybe public parking. At the corner of Lee and Ocean, where the Ocean Avenue Veterinary office is, it is very difficult to turn right onto Ocean, as the Muni Shelter blocks the drivers view of on coming traffic. The shelter also takes up a lot of pedestrian walk space. Can the Muni Shelter be removed?. Suggest speakers to be given only 2 or 3 minutes to speak.

3. Members of my family live in and own three different homes in the Balboa Park Station area. I can state definitely that the Ocean Street Renaissance does NOT speak for us, if they are against any of these plans. My family supports (in general) this plan for the area. I vote for better transit, better pedestrian accessibility, and affordable housing. I look forward to these improvements in our neighborhood. Thank you.

4. We need to stress that this is a planned development and that past errors will not be repeated.

5. SF Planning Code requires 20% of front yards be landscaped by developers. This requirements is rarely enforced. Plus, that law should not allow tenants or owners of property to pave over their front yards. First step is to require new developers to landscape! (2) Organize public comments by subject area so they can be compared and contrasted. (3) Consider moving the Green facility office building into a yard area. (4) Build a multi-use building along Geneva to include sheltered bus waiting, plaza, some retail and housing in place where Green office now stands. What about re-developing Ocean Avenue and San Jose Church to multi-use; church facilities on ground floor and housing on top? Corpus Christi campus may be another multi-use redevelop site opportunity. Yes, for Upper Yard development-our own Delancy Street complex!

6. We heard from the same people at each Q.A. session tonight. I was disappointed that I didn't get a chance to talk. Saying we don't need to plan for cars or parking because we are a transit first city is just absurd. Permanent grid lock is not a way to get me out of my car. City College students blocking my driveway because there is no parking on "auto free academic environment" is not a solution. I hope that you will continue to pressure City College into sharing their Master Plan in a public forum. Developing the reservoir without replacing parking is not acceptable to the neighborhood.

7. Phelan Loop proposals are EXCELLENT! Maybe the housing opponents will get used to it. I hope you will be able to locate a City College Station at Phelan and Ocean, that location for a key stop would serve riders the best!

8. I have lived in this area for ten years and I am a member of SFOP Corpus Christi Church. I speak Cantonese and Mandarin and I am acquainted with a lot of Chinese merchants in Ocean Avenue. If you need an interpreter you can call me, as I have retired and can be available given sufficient notice. My service is free because, I support affordable housing.

9. Westwood Park was established in the teens, Balboa terrace in the 20's. We are a traditional, established neighborhood with a wonderful, quaint commercial district that has served well until the original design was altered. In essence, the addition of excess people, via illegal in-laws, the apartments that displaced Faragutte School, the tenant blocks that replaced our gas station etc. We have too many people. Our neighborhood has been invaded. At this day and time, there is actually a GLUT of housing. Vacancies run rampant, loft units run wild, and more "affordable housing" is available than ever before. We are not a charity. We will dilute our quality of life for everyone if we alter our already saturated area with yet more incapable people. A good neighborhood is one that is SAFE, productive and self supporting. We can acquire this by learning from our very best neighborhood: St. Francis Woods, and Sea Cliff. Welcoming more inhabitants for the sake of politically correct housing is a deadly mistake. With the influx of the illegal in-laws, and mass, low quality housing recently thrown up, we no longer maintain our neighborhood safety. We traverse, nervously among strangers now. As a result, our crime and traffic have increased to the point where we don't recognize our original engineering planned into our quaint neighborhoods, We have been repeatedly promised input from the Police and DPT at your meetings. I've yet to see them, in fact, upon my inquiry, these departments weren't aware of the 2002 project! Upon witnessing your clever swaying, that actually boarders with rak-roading and bam-boozling, I'm just wondering how your tactics will attack us for the funding of something we never wanted. We don't want a 16th and Mission situation, nor a D.C. Bart area.

10. The so called "merchants" are typically businesses that are run by people who do not live in the OMI. The merchants are just here to make money; they do not care about the condition of the street (garbage, noise etc.) is not picked up by the merchants. The real reason that the merchants do not show up to meetings is that they do not care about the neighborhood. This is evidence by the way the merchants generally care for their business locals. If the merchants do not show, so be it. We, think residents are ultimately the ones that will drive this process of improvement, because we are seriously invested in the OMI.

11. STOP ignoring the community on the east side of the freeway; we are part of the area too! Remember BIG PICTURE!! You never answered my question: Whether you ever altered the plans in any way based on comments received...?

12. The comments concerning the Geneva Upper Yard as being semi-abandoned are not true. I have worked for Muni 24 plus years and at Muni Green Light Rail, I was shift Supervisor, 13 years. Presently 24 LRV or Historic Cars are parked in Geneva Upper Yard. When the Reserve cars are gone in the morning(10-15 LRV's) they are replaced by employee parking 40 plus private automobiles. Since, Muni is planning an extension of their PCC/Historic "F" line service, where will these cars be parked? Where will the private automobiles be parked? On the street? Muni needs to hold on to their property. Consider building housing above LRV parking at a less dense scale of housing.

13. The Ocean/Muni Loop is not available for building, you have your planning map incorrectly marked. A referendum defeated the change. Since put in place by referendum, you would need another public vote to change it. Don't do it! We have already done the studies that show you couldn't get your trolleys in and out in the morning. All the neighborhoods you want us to become have off street parking or "voids" in the neighborhood. We did develop design guidelines for Ocean and all we got was ugly housing.

14. City College is only going to build one building in the next bond (on the ballot) on its main campus, yet is going to develop two new sites. Bart needs to move on a north entrance-even if temporary.

15. Please focus on restricting parking permits: new developments get no residential parking permits. Minimize impact. Encourage R.P.P. Yes, lack of retail/housing development means unsafe streets. So, accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and focus on particular. I want the need for housing to be acknowledged because, as others have pointed out, residential above retail is healthy (24th St.) and our model(Ocean Ave- w/out residential around) is cold, lifeless and dangerous. (Michael Liz is with Neighborhood parks.)

16. I've lived in the Ingleside since 1985 and I'm frustrated by many people (mostly in Westwood Park) who don't want any housing on Ocean Avenue, but they want "quality stores". These people don't ever use the businesses they live near today! Who would support the new stores? I've come to believe they oppose development anywhere near them-they'd like to keep the empty reservoirs as a moat, so no new people can get into their castle. Have these people ever walked on Ocean from Bart at night? Do they even care about the people who do? Please keep on with your plan, and ignore the selfish whining from the Nimby's! The transit is all here so, it makes sense to put the housing we need here too.

17. After attending these meetings from the beginning, I have come to the conclusion that there is really no need for the reservoirs-either one of them. These holes in the ground are obviously not needed. If they have not been utilized over 50 years (one half century) they will not be used in the future. Therefore, incorporate the reservoirs as part of the expansion of City College, housing development or for multi-stage parking or open space parks. I sincerely hope that the planning group gives some serious thought to the purpose in the long run. The land does really belong to the public, i.e., the tax payer!

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