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Session #1 - Sept. 5

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1. Ocean Avenue frontage plans are good (housing over stores) but, less than four stacks. Also, South Park spaces will attract homeless and will feel unsafe unless there are pedestrian thoroughfares. Performing arts centers would be GREAT! Please let the college meet its academic properties on its little piece of land. That is more important to the community than additional housing.

2. I've lived in this neighborhood for nearly two decades. My parents and brothers and sisters all live in this neighborhood. For two decades, walking up and down Ocean and Geneva Avenue to my family's different residences, I've continually been ashamed of what a dump Ocean Avenue is. I'm embarrassed when I travel to cities like Portland and Pittsburgh PA and Cleveland and hear people say, "Wow, you live in San Francisco? What a beautiful city!" I'm left thinking, 'not my neighborhood' The city treats my neighborhood like a neglected orphan. How can such a wealthy city let such a dump endure? I appreciate absolutely every idea and plan presented tonight. I would love to see any of the plans implemented. Heck, I'm even excited to see trees on my block in the sketches. Please don't let the whiners and cranks that scream about parking and traffic ruin these plans. I'm sick of Ocean and Geneva and San Jose Avenues treated like freeways. If these people hate parking and traffic so much then they should get rid of their cars. Please don't let them hold these plans hostage with their selfish and petty gripes. Thank you.

3. The Corpus Christi Catholic Church represents 3,000 families who live in this neighborhood. Corpus Christi/San Francisco Organizing Project (SFOP) is supportive of placing as many affordable housing units on the various sites as possible. Corpus Christi Families are mostly low income, very-low-income and moderate income Latinos, Filipinos and Anglos.

4. A figure of 200 housing units on the upper yard was quoted. What is the number of stories assumed for this area? Creating an urban high-rise area is neither desirable nor compatible with the neighborhood character. Four stories would be higher than the existing neighborhood. Is the traffic plan considering the potential rail link above Geneva to the 3rd Street rail corridor? Property adjacent to the freeway is not appropriate for housing; better for transit and commercial use. Increased housing density does not automatically improve neighborhood ambiance.

5. Practical and less expensive solutions:

Pedestrian traffic concerns- safety.

Overpasses for pedestrians. (1) From Bart Station across Geneva (2) From Bart Station across San Jose (3) From C. College across Phelan to parking facility

Please check the timing of the lights at Phelan and Ocean Avenue. - They change too quickly and are unsafe.

6. Parking is NOT a big priority. People have to be forced to use public transit.

7. In terms of the overall vision for the transit center-the scale usually around transit centers, is a more industrial feel and taller buildings. More dense etc. same for this? or just continue at scale of houses along Geneva south of the station.

8. I like the idea of a covered area over 280 for pedestrians cars and shops. I am also very excited about the revitalization of the old Municipal Railroad building. I am one of the few that thinks that the pedestrian experience is more important than parking.

9. Everything sounds great!! My concern though has to do with traffic, especially off 280.

10. Phelan Loop: Parking is important, city college currently overwhelms the neighborhoods, and simply maintaining the current number of spaces is unacceptable. Adding and expanding City College will exasperate the problem over more. Alternative to reduce the student impact require a transit pass with enrollment fee.

11. 1,000 new units must have two parking places per unit-these will not be housing for City College students. Thus, it will be an additional 2000 plus people, not housing for the existing crowds! Is there a mandate to develop so much housing (so much density) when the neighborhoods are single residential houses? Why is the entire area going to be high-rise apartments? That does NOT fit into the existing neighborhoods and I would suggest that you would not be planning this in your own (upper class) neighborhoods.

12. While I can understand waiting a while to get more people, I don't like that I made an effort to get here before 6 p.m. only to end up waiting at least 20 minutes (it's now 6:20) before starting. I'm not feeling too excited to come on Saturday or the 19th, for that matter. As far as housing goes, what about setting some of it aside as assisted living or something similar? That wouldn't increase foot traffic much but, would solve some of the parking issue.

13. Please bring really knowledgeable people on Saturday. EX, P.U.C: I've heard that PUC will NOT allow turf on top of reservoirs, (seepage, deterioration of surface.) Yet you depict turf on top of reservoir. Solar Bond,(LENO'S) proposes solar collectors on top of reservoirs therefore no park, rec. Lots of reservoirs forbid access on roof, why? Is PUC really going to get serious and put why have they never used the reservoirs as build now? Get COPS, get Meter Maids,(Their Boss Robinson) Get Tom R. From BART, Get CALTRANS, Do they like the proposed ramp redesign? In other words, will this all work?

14. How was it decided not to include the Mission/Geneva area in this plan? I think this needs reconsideration. Why can't City College restore the theatre on Geneva near Mission (the APOLLO) as a performing Arts Center? I favor open space in the Phelan Loop Area. Yerba Buena Gardens works, why not this area? I like the idea of the Geneva Plaza outside of the BART Station. I like the idea of using the Geneva office building for retail shops. Think Ghirardelli Square in miniature. Please don't forget those of us in the Excelsior ! The assumption that one parking space per housing unit is adequate is misguided. I love the "walkability" concept as a guideline. Lots of trees please! If Noe Valley is an inspiration think restoration/renovation before new development. Also, do not exceed three stories with the new developments. Permit parking is needed in the Excelsior neighborhood too.

15. It became a little unruly, but that was mostly kept in check.

16. Need to make the area "family friendly", including a play area for toddlers and 5-10 age kids. Change height limit from 40 to 50 feet. See article in Sept. SPUR newsletter: Emphasize housing and install BART gates on Ocean.

17. "The secret for creating new housing now." The best way to achieve higher residential density in the proposed areas is to work directly with private, for-profit developers to determine the most direct means to best zone for housing. Single family attached, and high-density multi-family rental units are only feasible to developers when public funds are NOT mixed with private. The planning approval process allows the City ample opportunity to condition the use permit for affordable unit ratios along-side the market rate units that developers require to stay in business. Ask yourselves, "Where does housing come from?" and you will find yourself talking to for profit developers who seek benefit from providing the very products you are hoping-to bring to the neighborhood. Use the market to get what you need.

18. We need to keep going and don't let the negative comments slow us down. This is sorely needed.

19. Station Neighborhood: Front view of housing over Muni yard. Police input is needed. Grade of sidewalk at San Jose to Geneva and Ocean up to Phelan needs to be changed for Senior citizens, to encourage walking up to Ocean Avenue. Who will maintain street trees on Ocean Avenue? New Muni Line from Balboa to 3rd along Geneva Avenue considers its affects. Freeway noise for current residents and future homes is a concern. I loved the idea of moving the Muni yard to the reservoir area with CCSF over it but, the Muni cars would then need to loop to Balboa BART. City College students park on our street now and there exists a big parking problem. They should use the student parking lots! If you build buildings in the reservoir (the now parking lots) the parking will get worse for local residents. You don't have any plans to build parking lots-at least it is not apparent.

20. Station neighborhood-I would like to see community-gathering rooms available for neighborhood groups, 12-step programs etc. For Phelan, I like dividing reservoirs to east/west configuration.

21. I still don't understand why, you don't go farther west. The BART Geneva/Mission is not as far away as farther down Ocean. Geneva/Mission is a big hub too; people come from Sam Trans to BART etc. Why not do a neighborhood shuttle City College/Riordan/Ocean -Mission/Geneva-Mission to BART station? UC and Parnassus seems to work with the neighborhood by inviting residents to films showed there, access to swimming pool, etc-City College ought to think about that too. Please consider art in the area to come from the area-i.e. Deni Braceros gardener/artist at Cayuga playground-would like him invited to design a sculpture for the revamped BART station. If you haven't seen Cayuga Park at Naglee and Cayuga - go and you will understand. He's about to restore it would a shame to not invite him to do so.

22. I've attended most of these meetings from the start and have enjoyed the positive and visionary feeling to those meetings. I was puzzled by the negativity at this meeting (and disappointed and I know that it's no fault of yours) I was hearing what I felt was racial and class prejudice around the issue of affordable housing and it saddened me. That said, my question and concern is how this expensive project will be paid for? How will investment in this project be generated? Who will make sure that what's started gets finished? How long will this all take. And how will you attract a more diverse variety of small business on Ocean Street? Who will pay for improvements of existing businesses? Overall I'm excited about proposals for change and support your efforts. I also support the reasonable development of new housing-The city needs it-The neighborhood needs it!

23. As a neighbor of City College we want parking made better, not worse. Also, concern about new buildings, blocking views, and parking laws to be enforced.

24 Residential parking is a tough sell in my neighborhood. I've tried to raise the issue. If a plan includes a facilitation of new residential parking areas then you can put in 4-HR meter (like the parking lot at Glen Park). If it does not include the implementation of a new permit area, then NO to the idea. I live North of Ocean, East of San Jose. Get the upper yard for Housing/Retail First. Deal with Ocean Avenue/Phelan to Plymouth second. Focus on BART improvement as traffic improvement and how are you going to accommodate. For the Phelan Loop, why not loop it behind the Fire Station? The loop and the southern reservoir were the subject of three ballot fights the designs were poor and deserved to lose. How will be design so that people buy in? I will continue to work for 5199 Mission. I realize it is a drop in the bucket. Market rate housing is not the answer. Our neighborhood has built/or building 45 units (market rate). The residential builders Assoc-Joe O'Donohue walked away from an 18 unit at Santa Rosa, San Jose two weeks ago, because the approval included 3-affordable units. New Mission Terrace is accepting the 18 units, despite principled opposition among neighbors so, how will you sell your proposal? Your not going to win most of what you desire if these folks (and others) vote against it. Three ballot measures under Agnos failed: Phelan Loop (once), Southern Reservoir (twice). There exists heavy opposition, on this side of town. So, I see upper yard Ocean/ Plymouth to Phelan (w/bus loop behind fire station?) I don't see the support for the level of affordable housing you propose. I don't see Tony Hall signing on with SFOP do you?

25. We need to include a BART entrance closer to the Ocean and San Jose site. This was not mentioned tonight.

26. We now have bad parking problems in our neighborhood. I am afraid that with all of this redevelopment parking will be worse instead of better, unless lots of garage space is also built for City College students and others who will be living in these new facilities. Muni is now redoing tracks on Ocean Avenue that is all good; however, what about the street surfaces on Ocean and San Jose. They need resurfacing also?

27. Enjoyed seeing where the work stands at this point! Good Work!

28. I think the Planning Department has done a good job identifying the problems of the area. Keep up the good work.

29. Housing: To add 200 units of housing is very poor planning for this neighborhood. We are already congested with increase in student population with both City College and San Francisco State. College population is on the increase. You seem to ignore and minimize the need for parking. The problem is parking, parking and more parking.

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