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Planning Process

People MeetingOn August 24th, 2000, the Planning Department held the second of a series of neighborhood workshops designed to lay the groundwork for the Balboa Park Station Area Plan.

The theme of this second workshop was "What We Heard and Learned." More than 100 neighbors came to Lick-Wilmerding High School for a 2-1/2 hour gathering, which was an opportunity for Planning Department staff to introduce the elements of a basic "program" for the neighborhood and to test these ideas with the residents.

The meeting began with a "mingling session" where people were invited to write comments about the Eight Elements of a Good Neighborhood introduced during the first workshop. These comments have been incorporated into the background information that will form the foundation and overall context for the plan.

People MeetingNext followed a presentation from Planning Department staff, part one of which summarized the public feedback from the first workshop and recapped the community bus and walking tours which took place earlier in the year.

The second portion of the presentation introduced the Program Elements. These Program Elements are based on the various comments and concerns expressed by the neighborhood so far and form a general outline of the issues which we expect the plan to cover.

The Program Elements will become the framework around which the plan itself will evolve. They are listed below:

  • Bring More Vitality to Ocean Avenue West of Plymouth

  • Pursue Opportunities for Traffic Calming and Bike Lanes

  • Better Connect Streetcar Stops and Neighborhoods

  • Take Advantage of the Phelan Loop as an Opportunity Site

  • Respect Existing Neighborhoods

  • Redesign Streets to Create a More Balanced Street System

  • "Repair" Ocean Avenue from Plymouth East to Phelan

  • Address Relationship between City College and Surrounding Neighborhoods

  • Explore Calming Alemany Boulevard

  • Explore Opportunities for Development or Reuse of Publicly Owned Land

  • Connect Transit Center to Neighborhoods and CCSF

  • Find Appropriate New Use for Geneva Office Building and Powerhouse

The remainder of the workshop was spent in break-out groups where participants discussed these program elements and the issues they raise. There were spirited discussions around about ten tables in which residents presented, discussed and debated their hopes, dreams and greatest concerns.

What became clear is that for most people, the most important issues are upgrading the appearance and function of the station area (making it a "place"), increasing pedestrian safety and helping revitalize Ocean Avenue. We continue to be thrilled by the positive response and thoughtful input that we're getting and we look forward to the next step.

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