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Planning Process

A Review of the Balboa Park Station Area Planning Process

We've been working with the community on planning for the Balboa Park Station Area since late in 1999. The following is a brief review (from more recent events backwards) of the previous events, held mainly in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Community Update Meeting, June 6, 2006
In the latest update meeting we discussed the impacts identified in the EIR, historic preservation, zoning changes, community needs identification, and sustainability issues.

Click here to see community comments from this meeting. (PDF)

Community Update Meeting, July 24, 2006
In this update meeting we discussed the open space/public plaza at the Phelan Loop, the residential and retail development at the Kragen Site, the station area engineering study, new zoning and parking regulations, and the design guidelines.

Public Review Draft Release, October 23, 2002
After more than two years of working together with the community, the Planning Department was pleased to release a Public Review Draft of the Balboa Park Station Area Plan, bringing together all of the ideas discussed and debated with the community have talked about into one plan document. The draft plan was released along with a well-attended community workshop, where attendees had an opportunity to comment on all the proposals and policies in the document.

arrow Click here to download the draft plan.

Click here to see community comments on the draft plan. (PDF)

Neighborhood Workshop #4: September 2001
In August, the Planning Department distributed a colorful brochure, entitled [Imagine], which outlined a series of detailed proposals for the Balboa Park Station Area - proposals which have grown out of our work with the community over the last year and a half. Almost 200 people attended three community workshops in September 2001 to discuss these proposals, providing us with a large amount of feedback.

What follows is a summary of the proposals, what people thought about them, and our next steps based on that feedback. At the end are links to transcripts of public comments at these workshops.

arrow Summary of Proposed Plan Concepts and Public Input

arrow Session 3: 9/19/01

arrow Session 2: 9/8/01

arrow Session 1: 9/5/01

Focused Working Session Series: March - April 2001
As announced at our third community workshop held on January 17th, we held a series of focused community working sessions which helped us to continue working with you and to "zero in" on key areas and issues within the greater Balboa Park Station Area. These more informal sessions provided a forum to discuss the key issues in greater detail and further the community dialogue.

Ocean Avenue / Phelan Loop Focused Working Session #1
Held on Saturday, March 31, 2001.

Bart / Muni Station Area Focused Working Session
Held on Wednesday, April 18, 2001.

Ocean Avenue / Phelan Loop Focused Working Session #2
Held on Saturday, April 28, 2001.

Progress Report at Neighborhood Workshop #3: January 2001
The third workshop in our series was held on January 17, 2001. About 70 attendees saw presentations on the work in progress developing the neighborhood plan. We built upon what we heard in the first two workshops to present some possibilities for improvements in the neighborhood. The presentation focused on two key areas:

  1. Ideas for changes to the BART/Muni station area itself, including improved transit transfers, upgraded pedestrian amenities and possibilities for retail, housing or office development near the station, and
  2. Ideas for improvements to the area around the Phelan Loop, along Ocean Avenue between Phelan and Plymouth Avenue, including changes to the bus layover area, as well as new open space and / or development along Ocean Avenue.

Neighborhood Workshop #2: August 2000
Imagining a Better Neighborhood: What We Heard and Learned
The second neighborhood workshop was held on August 24, 2000, and was attended by more than 100 people.

arrow Workshop Summary 2

Neighborhood Walking Tour: June 2000
Planning Department staff conducted a walking tour of the neighborhood for community members on June 15, 2000, to discuss problems and opportunities.

arrow Walking Tour Summary

Bus Tour of Other Neighborhoods: June2000
Planning Department staff conducted a bus tour of other San Francisco neighborhoods for Balboa Park community members on June 10, 2000, to discuss what these places can teach us about how to improve the Balboa Park neighborhood.

arrow Bus Tour Summary

Neighborhood Workshop #1: May 2000
Imagining a Better Neighborhood: What Makes a Great Neighborhood Planning Department staff conducted the first neighborhood workshop on May 4, 2000.

arrow Workshop Summary 1

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