Changes to Permit Checklist & Intake Process

Beginning January 1, 2016, San Francisco Planning will no longer accept incomplete intake permit applications at the Planning Information Center

San Francisco Planning invites you to a Permit Intake Informational Workshop to learn about recent changes to the Permit Checklist document and intake process.

San Francisco Planning has recently updated its Permit Checklist document for future intake permit applications, and beginning January 1, 2016, will no longer accept incomplete intake permit applications at the Planning Information Center (PIC).

Changes to the Permit Checklist:

  • A Formula Retail Affidavit is required for new business signs if no Affidavit was filed with a building permit.
  • Applicants must now provide a table on cover sheet with existing and proposed gross square feet by floor, and by unit as applicable. A second table may be necessary to document demolition calculations and/or removal of interior wall framing (Sections 317 and 311.)
  • Elevation drawings must now show profiles of adjacent buildings showing the full width and roof line of each adjacent building.
  • Indicate location of adjacent building’s light well(s) and/ or windows in relation to proposed addition, as needed. Photos may be required.
  • All exterior cladding and window materials must be indicated. 
  • Tree Disclosure Forms have been retired as San Francisco Public Works is now the sole agency ensuring that new street trees are installed. Note, the requirements remain the same, just the responsibility has shifted from San Francisco Planning and San Francisco Public Works to only San Francisco Public Works.

If you have any questions about the changes, or help completing the form, contact the Planning Information Center.
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