Applicable Areas & Maps

Learn more about where the Program does and does not apply.

Areas highlighted in blue on the map below illustrate the key residential and commercial corridors where the Affordable Housing Bonus Program applies in the City. 

Click on the map image to go to the interactive, searchable map, where the program applies by parcel in the City.

Mixed Use Map

Use the Interactive Map to explore where the program applies by parcel in the City.


Where the Program Applies

The following zoning districts are within the program area. Learn more about these zoning districts by viewing the City’s Zoning Map.

  • Commercial Districts
    • C-2 – Community Business
  • Community Business in Chinatown’s Mixed Use Districts
    • CCB – Community Business
    • CRNC - Residential/Neighborhood Commercial
    • CVR – Visitor Retail
  • Neighborhood Commercial Districts
    • NC-1 – Cluster (1 Commercial Study)
    • NC-2 – Small-Scale (2 Commercial Stories)
    • NC-3 – Moderate-Scale (3+ Commercial Stories)
    • NC-S – Shopping Center (2 Commercial Stories)
    • NCD – Individual (Named, Controls Vary)
  • Residential-Commercial Combined Districts
    • RC-3 – Medium Density (1 Unit per 400 sf)
    • RC-4 – High Density (1 Unit per 200 sf)
  • Residential, Mixed (Houses and Apartments) Districts
    • RM-1 – Low Density (1 unit per 800 sf)
    • RM-2 – Moderate Density (1 Unit per 800 sf)
    • RM-3 – Medium Density (1 Unit per 400 sf)
    • RM-4 – High Density (1 Unit per 200 sf)
  • South of Market Mixed Use Districts
    • RSD – Residential/Service
    • SSO – Service/Secondary Office
  • Residential, House Character Districts
    • RH-3 – Three Units Per Lot


Where the Program Does Not Apply


Parcels in RH-1(parcels with one housing unit per lot in Residential, House Character Districts) and RH-2 (parcels with two housing units per lot in Residential, House Character Districts) zoning districts are not eligible for this program.

Area Plans (such as the Eastern Neighborhoods Community Plan , Market and Octavia Area Plan, and Balboa Park Station Area Plan, among others) are not eligible for either Local or State AHBPs as they have recently adopted comprehensive plans. The City is currently studying how the State Density Bonus Law would be applied for future projects within these area plan boundaries.  

Do you have a specific question regarding the City’s Zoning Map and a Planning Code?

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affordable housing map