Families with children and a diverse workforce at all income levels are essential to keeping San Francisco a thriving city. Yet San Francisco has one of the highest housing costs in the nation, putting the threads of our city fabric at risk.

HOME-SF is a program introduced by Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Katy Tang that will provide more opportunities for families to stay, grow, and succeed while maintaining our diverse workforce in San Francisco. This optional program is designed to incentivize building more family-friendly and affordable housing across San Francisco through zoning modifications. HOME-SF includes a number of provisions to protect and grow local small businesses in our city’s many neighborhood commercial corridors.

HOME-SF is designed to serve working class families.

HOME-SF creates affordable homes for families making $60,000 to $150,000 a year for a family of four. These are households for whom no public housing programs or subsidies currently exist, and who are generally unable to afford the high cost of housing in San Francisco. Under HOME-SF:

  • 30 percent of all new housing is required to be permanently affordable
  • All new housing includes units affordable to middle-income, working class families
  • 40 percent of new units are required to include two or more bedrooms
  • No displacement of existing tenants

HOME-SF will work toward ensuring the City fulfills its commitment to promoting more housing designed for families at all income levels.  It addresses many of the elements discussed in Housing for Families with Children (January 2017), a policy paper developed by San Francisco Planning and Supervisor Norman Yee.

  • Affordability

The largest challenge families seeking housing in San Francisco currently face is affordability.  HOME-SF requires new buildings to include 30 percent of units on-site as permanently affordable homes, creating up to 5,000 new affordable units for San Francisco. New affordable units will be required to be made affordable to households making from 60 – 150 percent AMI (Area Median Income)*.  HOME-SF is the first City program to extend the income range of households that could qualify to 120-150 percent AMI to capture many working families who don't currently qualify for subsidized housing.

  • Unit Size

HOME-SF expands a requirement that new housing include 40 percent of two-bedrooms to more areas of the City. It also offers an incentive for developers to satisfy this requirement through a mix of two- and three-bedroom units.

  • Building and Storage Space

Developers using HOME-SF's three-bedroom option would be encouraged to provide ample and dedicated storage space for families, either in individual units or elsewhere in the building (lobby, garage, etc.), and common open-space designed in a child-friendly manner with safe materials and play equipment.

  • Getting around: Transit, Carsharing, Parking and Bicycle Storage

HOME-SF is only available in areas of San Francisco that are within ¼ mile of Muni's Rapid Network, which prioritizes frequency and reliability on Muni's most heavily used routes. HOME-SF also includes incentives to provide carsharing, bicycle, and cargo bicycle storage in new buildings.

  • Access to Schools

HOME-SF encourages housing in neighborhoods close to existing schools. 

  • Access to Light and Nature; Outdoor and Play Space

HOME-SF encourages new housing in neighborhoods close to large, signature open spaces like Golden Gate and McLaren Parks.

  • Noise and Pollution

HOME-SF generally applies in areas farthest from freeways and other major traffic arteries and the noxious noise and pollution they create. 



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HOME-SF will be part of the City's Affordable Housing Bonus Program, which as proposed contains four strategies to incentivize more affordable housing development in San Francisco.

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Program Manager
Kearstin Dischinger

Planning Team
Paolo Ikezoe, Planner